Make Your Own LED Aquarium Lighting

Aquarium is one of the attractions on the places which do have this. It may be equipped with different types of fishes of all sizes and colors and also with different types of plants of all species. You can definitely see aquarium everywhere, but have you seen it at night?

Make your own best led aquarium lighting

The Aquarium at Night

At night, aquarium may bring out a beauty that you cannot imagine. It has been added with LED lighting to make its contents emphasized. This lighting has many advantages from other types of lighting used in aquariums. It saves energy and provides you amazing and shimmer color effects.

Do’s and Don’ts for LED Aquarium Lighting

Equipping your aquarium with LED lights do have some things to consider. It is not because you want it then you go without thinking. There are some things that you must remember for you LED aquarium light supports your aim and gives off attention for your aquarium.

  • Do’s for LED Aquarium Lights

Choose colors from a wide range of available ones. There are some guides that can help you with choosing the color that will enhance the color in your aquarium. Put dimmers for great adjustment and blending of your LED lights. Keep your LED lights cool by making sure that you provide them with the adequate circulation of air around.

Bringing out the color of your fish could also be done by this type of lighting. Assess what color could give emphasis to the fishes you have. You may also think that when you have LED lighting, you cannot save. You can enjoy using LED lights while not having thoughts of how much you pay for your electricity since it do have available energy-efficient type in the market.

  • Don’ts for LED Aquarium Lights

Do not submerged your LED lights and be used underwater. Though LED may be waterproof or water-resistant, exposing them to water for a long period of time may damage the LED circuit board. Always do clean your LED light and do not just ignore any mineral deposits that hit it to avoid failure. Get your LED lights away from other forms of lighting since heat is the enemy of LEDs. The heat from another lighting could decrease the lifespan of your LED lights.

Top Picks for LED Aquarium Lighting

Giving light to your aquarium not just give the purpose of making it appear nice. It also plays a big role in making the plants and fishes healthy. Best led aquarium lighting for corals can be determined on how satisfied the consumer of it when they used it.

  1. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED plus Light for Aquarium

This uses low voltage and safe LEDs with new dynamic mode effects that will mimic real-world aquatic conditions you did not experience before. It has a low profile and new cleek design having each color which individually adjusts for custom blends endlessly.

  1. Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights

This promotes freshwater growth and marine refugium. It features LED alignment which is ideal for an aquarium that needs low-light. This has a longevity feature since its circuit boards are made up of aluminum of high quality. The fixture itself is acting as heat sync allowing coolness for the LED.

  1. Marineland Double Bright LED Light

Marineland’s product helps in enhancing the beauty of your aquarium with the effect of illumination. This set replicates natural light that gives natural and vibrant light that creates shadows adding dimension and depth to your aquarium. This is made to be energy-efficient, sturdy, and stylish.

  1. Aqueon LED Aquarium Light Fixture

TheAqueon LED Aquarium Light Fixture is made to be energy efficient and last longer. The package when ordered includes a three-position power switch for the day, night, and moon glow mode. Also includes adjustable and pre-installed mounting legs which also have a plug and play connections that are moisture-resistant.

You are not just bound to make your own just to save but you can buy something that could also make you save. Choose those LED lights that will not sacrifice the beauty hidden at your aquariums. They are available to be eco-friendly as well as energy efficient. You can still have DIY or buy depending on your preference, time, and money. It is just out there waiting for you to have it discovered.

My House in Progress, End of the Year Update

Wow, I cannot believe it is the last day of 2014…what a crazy year it has been!  So much has happened.  As I look back and reflect on the year, I can say, it has definitely been a growing year for me,  but one that I would not take back.  It has been full of ups and downs and I am excited and ready to start a new one.  However, as I write the last post for the year, I sit here feeling truly blessed for the life that I have, my friends, family, and the opportunity to renovate my dream home.

A quick year in Review…

January, I decided to step away from blogging at The Mustard Ceiling after three years, to start a Fresh Living blog, which was geared towards a holistic approach to living.  Little did I know, I would be starting a new renovation project.  As the new project started, I decided to fire up TMC again as a way to share progress and updates along the way.  In 2015, as we get into the more fun aspects of renovating, I hope to share more updates.

February, I put a contract on a sweet, little stucco bungalow in need of a lot of TLC.

June, I closed on my house, after months of going through the loan approval process.  Dad and I started renovating soon after I closed on the house.

July, I moved out of my rental house and lost my sweet Jackson (10-year-old Pyrenees/lab mix) to bone cancer.  Losing Jackson was one of the hardest things I have gone through.  He had been my constant companion for 10 years. I was blessed to have had him by my side as I grew, explored, and found my way back home. He truly was a gentle giant. He provided me with unconditional love, protection, and loyalty every step of the way.


The rest of my summer was spent juggling the house renovation, my graphic design business, blog updates, and settling into temporary living with my parents during the renovation.

I spent most of my fall enjoying the last couple of months of nice weather.  I took quite a few breaks from the house renovation and decided that instead of pushing to get the renovation completed as quickly as possible, I wanted to relax my timeline and focus on enjoying the process of the renovation, taking pressure off to finish as quickly as possible.

After six months of working on the house, I feel we have finally settled into a routine of work.  I am not going to lie, this project has been huge!  Much bigger than I originally anticipated.

Most of the summer and part of the fall I felt incredibly overwhelmed by what needed to take place to make my dream of renovating this home a reality.  Throughout the process, there have been many times when I have felt completely overwhelmed by it, times of frustration, and times when I have loved it.

In the beginning, I thought I would live out of one room of the house during the renovation.  However, as you will see from the progress photos below there is no way that goal could have been realized as much work as we have had to do.  Fortunately, I have been able to live with my parents over the past several months during the renovation.  My new goal is to be living in the house by mid-March.

Now that the sheetrock is up and 7 rooms have been mudded and sanded.  I am finally starting to get excited again about the design possibilities and am beginning to envision the house coming together.  We still have a lot of work to do, but it is coming together slowly but surely.

The progress photos were taken at the beginning of December, we have continued to make progress since then, but these will catch you up to date for the new year…

Since these photos were taken, the sheetrock has been finished in the two guest bedrooms, craft room, and kitchen.  Now that I have finally found a solution that works well to remove the mastic adhesive off of hardwood floors.  I am tackling mastic removal in my bathroom, dining room, and living room (more on that later).

Next week, I plan to order the kitchen cabinets and purchase the vanity for the guest bathroom, plumbing fixtures for the master bathroom, and hope to have the mastic fully removed from the master bathroom floor.

I hope to update progress more often once the new year starts and the project moves into the more photo-worthy territory.  After 6 months, we are slowly starting to put the house back together after a lot of demolition, framing, insulating, and sheetrocking.

Stay up to date on the latest progress by following along on Instagram.  To see how we have progressed since August, check out the last Progress Update here.