How to Make a Flameless Candle?

Did you know that you can make a flameless candle? And, that you can use a normal candle for making a flameless candle to make it look even more realistic?

How to Make a Flameless Candle?

This is something that you can do at home if you love having candles, but you don’t like purchasing candles all the time.

This is a guide on how you can make a flameless candle, by using a normal candle. It is easy and fast to do.

What is a flameless candle?

For those that never heard about a flameless candle. This is a candle that is working with a LED light, instead of having a real fire. Still giving light, and still creating a great atmosphere. It normally works with power or battery.

There are many different types of flameless candles that you can purchase. But, you can make one yourself as well.

Why do people like having flameless candles instead of normal candles?

Many people like the atmosphere that candles are giving, when candles are led in a room. It makes a room feel relaxed and you can even make it romantic.

But, why do people prefer having flameless candles instead of a normal candle? With a flameless candle, you will have a candle that will never go out. You won’t need to replace the candle. Letting you save money, and making sure that you are able to use the same candle over and over again.

What do you need when you want to make a flameless candle?

Before you know what things, you will need to make a flameless candle, you need to consider what type of flameless candle you are going to make. Many people are making a flameless candle from fake candles.

However, we are going to make a flameless candle using real candles. This is going to let the candle look more real and will give a much more real candle effect. It is easy to make, but you will need to have a couple of things before you can start making your own candle. These are the things you will need.

  • A real candle. The smaller, thicker versions.
  • LED light
  • Battery pack and batteries
  • Switch
  • Small drill

How to make your flameless candle?

DIY Flameless Candles

This is the basics on how to make your own flameless candle. The first thing that you should do, is to drill a hole into the candle and to remove the felt from the candle. The whole should be really small. Just large enough for the wires to go to the top of the candle.

You should install the LED light on top of the candle and thread the wires to the end of the candle. This is where you are connecting the battery pack to the wires and the candle. Between the battery pack and the candle, you should add a switch to switch the candle on and off. It is recommended that you should store the battery pack in a box, or make some space inside the candle for storing it safely.

Now, you just add the batteries, switch the candle on, and you will have an LED candle. You can add any color LED light to the candle if you prefer.

Some tips that you should know when making your flameless candles

The thicker the candle, the easier it will be to use it for installing the LED light and to store the battery pack in. You can go to a hardware store and ask for all the right equipment needed to let a LED light work through a battery if you don’t know what tools and equipment you might need for installing the LED light to the candle.

Scented candles don’t really work correctly, because the LED lights don’t get warm enough for the scent to spread. So, any cheap candle will work, if it is thick enough.

Making a flameless candle is a lot easier than you might think. Especially, if you are using an already made candle. With this guide, you will get to know all the details about how to make a flameless candle, using a battery pack. However, you can make one, using solar power, or even electrical power if you want to. The battery candle is just portable and can be taken anywhere.

If you love candles but don’t want to purchase candles as often anymore, then this might be your solution. To make your own flameless candles. Having the right atmosphere without spending the money on candles and having the fear of the candles set the home alight.

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