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Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!  I hope you have something special planned today with your loved ones today.  I’m excited to have Abby from A Delightful Design here today to share a little bit more about herself and what inspires her designs.  Abby is an incredibly talented interior decorator based in Michigan, her blog was one of the first design blogs I found and Abby has always been fast to stop by with a kind word.   On  her blog, A Delightful Design, Abby shares a lot of her design work with clients, and let me tell you….I love all of it.  Thanks for stopping by today Abby…take it away.


Hi!  I’m Abby from A Delightful Design and I am thrilled to be joining Elizabeth today.  

This is such a fun series.  She sent me a few questions to answer so let’s get to it!


  How long have you been blogging?  And what are three things you have learned from it?
I started my design blog in October of 2010.  My first post featured the work of Palmer Weiss because she was my favorite designer at the time.  Although my style has grown and changed, I still am so inspired by her work.

I’ve learned so much from blogging.  Mainly, that you need to find your own voice.  I remember when I first started and tried to write witty titles for every post because that is what a very popular blog did.  That’s just silly.  It’s not about being someone else.  Your readers will find you.  There’s a blogger and a reader for everyone.  Comparison is a killer. 

What inspires your designs?

I am inspired by so many different things.  I think it’s safe to say that many of us are inspired daily by Pinterest, blogs, and nature.  I’m always inspired by fabrics.  Walking into the design studio I swear I can hear angels singing while a basque is the magicalness of different fabrics.  I can’t look at a fabric without picturing how I would use it for myself or a client.  I’m currently working with a woman to design her dream cottage.  When I saw this fabric it just screamed ’round ottoman with a box pleat skirt” for the cottage house.  Right?

How would you describe your design style? 
Wow.  That’s a difficult question.  For me and our house I’d say my personal style is vintage glam meets cottage mod.  Is that a real style?  :-)

For my clients, I usually get hired for either the cottage/traditional look:

Or a more modern glam space:
I love them all!

What are your best three tips to achieve great design?

Design for the long term and keep the trends to the temporary.  For example, a great child’s bedroom doesn’t need to be a theme.  Chose timeless pieces that will last the years and add fun child-like accessories and art that can be easily changed as their interests grow.

Don’t skimp on lighting.  Too often people keep their builder basic light fixtures or just go with the cheapest option.  A room can be made great or made horrible all based on the lighting.  The hallway below had one standard flush mount light.  What a difference adding two pendant lights made! You don’t need to chose the most expensive option but it’s important to ask yourself if your current lighting is really the best possible fixture for the space.

Surround yourself with what you love, not just what’s on sale.  Now you may love something you found on sale!  But please stop buying things you don’t absolutely love.  One of my Facebook friends was asking if they should paint their walls again after just painting everything beige two years ago. They had thought they would sell and didn’t.  Again, if you don’t walk into the room and think, “This color makes me so happy– I love it!” then it’s time to paint.

Finish this sentence: No room is complete without____________.
No room is complete without the unexpected.  You don’t necessarily expect an entry to have a blue ceiling, but this space wouldn’t be the same without it!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for letting me share in this series.  I’m looking forward to reading the other posts this week.  What a treat!
Thank you Abby for taking the time to stop by today to share a little bit more about you and your fabulous style.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to stop by Abby’s blog yet,  please do so, it is delightful just like the name .
Tomorrow on The Inside Scoop, Sherry from Design Indulgence!

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