Tasty Thursday: 6 Holiday Cookie Recipes

Happy Thursday!  The weekend is almost here.  This coming weekend is the last weekend before Christmas!  Where did this year go?

This weekend, my older brother comes into town for the holidays.  I think I will break down and make some cookies to share with the family before it’s too late.

Have you made your holiday cookies this year?  This week I wanted to share 6 mouth watering cookie recipes…I cannot decide which ones to make…


1. The Tart Tart- Bacon Fat Gingersnaps, 2. Savor Home- Red Velvet Cookies with White Chocolate Icing,  3. Lark & Linen- Almond Sugar Cookies,  4. Spoon Fork Bacon- Homemade Thin Mints,  5. Delish- Chocolate Espresso Snow Caps, 6. Gour Mande in the Kitchen- Maple Cinnamon Meringues with Toasted Almonds

What is your favorite holiday cookie recipe?

Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!? Plaid

Plaid is everywhere right now, from fashion to interiors to accessories. Styles are ranging from traditional tartan to fresh, bold colors.   Plaid has always been popular, but this fall/winter it seems to be getting a double dose of popularity.

Plaid…are you a fan!?


Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.19.28 PM


Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.13.29 PM




Images via unknown, Elle, Better Homes & Gardens, Kaper Design, unknown, Hudson Interior Design, unknown


An Update…


Hi Everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.  I cannot believe I took two months off of blogging.  Thank you for all of your sweet comments and emails asking how I’ve been and the inquiries as to when I plan to start blogging again.  I have missed you all, but really needed some time away from blogging.

It has been a very busy, fun couple of months.  Today, I wanted to catch you up…

October 20th, my cousin Mary (a freelance travel writer and author of The Blonde Coyote) stopped by to visit me in Fayetteville on her way to Santa Fe, NM for the winter.  While visiting she asked if I wanted to travel west with her.  She always asks…I always tell her maybe next time…Well, this time I said “yes.” She was stopping in Denver to visit friends and I had been wanting to visit Denver, so I packed up and headed west for three weeks…

We drove to Nebraska for a night to stay with Mary’s friend Egan and his wife.  Mary met Egan when she was looking for a Teardrop trailer to purchase for her travels.  Egan hand built the trailer Mary ended up purchasing and they quickly became fast friends.  She drops her trailer off for new modifications when she crosses the country.  After we left Egan’s I had the opportunity to camp out with Mary in the teardrop, it was so much fun!  I told Egan to add me to his waitlist for a handcrafted Teardrop trailer.

We arrived in Denver Saturday October, 26th and stayed an evening with Mary’s friends.  From there she dropped me off in Golden, where I stayed with friends’ of mine for a week.  They were a short walk from downtown so I spent the majority of the week exploring Golden and working out of coffeeshops.  It was a nice, relaxing start to my trip.  The weather was gorgeous in Colorado the whole time I was there, lucky me!

After staying in Golden for a week, I moved to downtown Denver for the second week.  I spent the mornings working out of coffee shops and the afternoon’s/evening’s exploring the city.  It was so much fun to explore Denver, walking the neighborhoods, exploring new coffee shops and boutique stores.  I know quite a few people in Denver, so it was fun to catch up with them during the trip.

Finally, my last few days in Colorado were spent in Crestone, CO.  I rented a car Sunday afternoon and traveled 4 hours south to a small little mystical town in the San Luis Valley.  The mountains were spectacular!  I spent most of my days hiking…it was the perfect ending to a long overdue trip west.

Wednesday morning, November 13th, I drove back to Denver to catch a train to WV.  I was really excited about the train ride, it was my first one!  Have you ever traveled by train?  It is something that I definitely wanted to experience once…and it did not disappoint.  The trip was two full days.  The first evening I boarded in Denver, arrived in Chicago, IL Thursday evening, switched trains and traveled from Chicago to Thurmond, WV.  I finally arrived in WV Friday morning.  As much as I loved the trip, I was so happy to be home.  I missed my little house, friends and family, and my pups.  I arrived just in time for my cousin Paul and his friend to play a classical guitar concert at our local community theatre.  It was a weekend of family fun.

Next, it was time for Thanskgiving.  This one was a special one.  I spent it with my family and we invited my friend Roman to join in the festivities.  He has been visiting from Spain, it was his first introduction to Thanksgiving.  We thoroughly enjoyed his company and teaching him all of our American Thanksgiving customs.

The day after Thanksgiving, I worked off the huge holiday meal by rock climbing.  It was the first time I have been climbing in over a decade.  It was so much fun, I hope to get back out again soon.

The first weekend of December was the local Christmas parade.  Our local cycling club, The New River Bicycle Union, decided to participate by dressing ourselves and our bikes up for the holidays.  We had a big turn out of members…and I think we had the most fun of all of the participants!

This year, for the first time in my life, I cut down my own Christmas tree.  A few friends and I spent the afternoon at the Christmas tree farm searching for just the right tree.  I found mine pretty quickly, chopped it down and took it home to decorate.

Early last week, I decorated the tree and my house for the holidays, I will share photos soon.  I truly love my little house, I have spent a lot of time over the past several months working on it and it feels so much like home now.  I hope to take some updated photos soon to share.

The day after I got the house decorated I hosted my first party.  I set-up a winter potluck circle in our community and offered to host the first one.  It was such a great evening.  I had about 25 of my closest friends to the house and we ate a ton of home cooked food.  Two of my friends brought a mandolin and guitar and played music all night while we danced.  I felt so blessed to have so many wonderful people to share my home with that night.  A year ago, I could never have imagined where this journey would have taken me, but I can honestly say, everyday I feel truly blessed.

The break from blogging has been just what I needed to refresh and recharge.  I have been browsing Pinterest the past few days for recipes and design inspiration and I am excited to start sharing with you again.  I hope you have had a wonderful couple of months…and are getting as excited for the holidays as I am!

Have you finished your holiday shopping and decorating?  It is approaching fast…


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