Client Project: Stripes in the Entry!

I was contacted a couple months ago by Ashley, a reader, who needed help with her entryway.

She wanted her entry to “be a preview of the rest of their home. A place that warmly welcomes guests“and was having a hard time choosing colors that would seamlessly transition from the entryway to the attached living room.

The colors used throughout the home are mainly neutral-warm gray’s with a punch of color in the living room. Ashley was having drapery panels made using Covington, Wilmington fabric,
which got me really excited….look at all of the brilliant colors!

This brightly colored fabric provided the perfect inspiration to really make Ashley’s entry pop. She wanted to make the entry warm and inviting, so I focused on using warm tones in the space.

To make the space dramatic as you entered the home, I proposed to Ashley that she paint the room using wide horizontal stripes in mustard yellow and cream.

She is still putting the final touches on the entry, but she was kind enough to let me share some of the progress pictures with you today.

The Living Room, attached to entry

Looking into the living room from the entryway

Entry Before


Entry After!


What a difference! It always amazes me what a little paint can do and stripes are always a great way to add a little flare to a space.

If you’re thinking about adding stripes to your space, head over and check out Dana’s tutorial, The Secret to Stripe Sanity, at Make Them Wonder blog, it will make all of the difference.

Thanks Ashley for letting me share your project today!

E-Design for Courtney

Today, I am excited to share an e-design I have been working on for Courtney. Courtney contacted me because she just moved into a one bedroom apartment in New York and wanted to make her new apartment special.

Courtney’s design style is bold, modern and fun!

I just finished up a couple of preliminary designs for her this AM,
but first a few photos of her apartment…


Look at those great windows!

Move in Day
Courtney really wanted to start fresh in the new apartment.
Her sofa was the only existing piece she wanted to incorporate in the new design.


One of the first things I learned about Courtney,
other than she had a really great sense of style, is that her mom is an artist!

After I found that out, I drew my inspiration for the design from abstract art.


Design Concept 1: Bold and Modern


Design Concept 2: Soft and Elegant

Courtney has decided to go bold and modern, choosing concept 1.

Which concept would you choose?

Hopefully, she will share after pictures with us when she has completed the design.

I was playing around in photoshop tonight ( I would be so lost without photoshop now) and I decided to render Courtney’s floorplan using photoshop (I usually do it by hand).

The process of rendering in photoshop is much faster and you can get a better sense of pattern, but I miss the sketchy quality you miss doing it on the computer.

I still have a few tweaks to workout, but maybe I’ll start rendering on the computer too.


If you are interested in an e-design, check out my interior design services email at

Tomorrow is the start of my new summer series, it will run every Friday through Labor Day.

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Ask The Designer: E-Design for Lesley and Drew

Wow, I can’t believe it is already Thursday…again, the weekend is ALMOST here.

Today on Ask The Designer, I wanted to share with you a couple of design concepts that I have been working on for a client. One of my readers, Lesley emailed me asking for design help on her living room.

Here are a few current photos:


Existing items to incorporate into the new design:

* Leather sofa and love seat
* Dining room furniture
* Drew (Lesley’s husband) would like to keep the living room rug,
Lesley would like additional options
* wall color will remain the same

New items to add to the new design:

* coffee table
* side table
* table lamp
* decorative pillows (soft ones that can be used for napping)
* window treatments
* a new rug (potentially)

Lesley and Drew prefer warm colors and traditional design. Even though Lesley is most drawn to warm, natural colors, she also likes blue.

We have just started working on this project, and are still in the early phase. I just sent three design concepts to Lesley and Drew, and wanted to share them with you!

Option 1:


The focal point in this design is the traditional Persian rug. The cool gray blue in the rug brings in Lesley’s love of blue. However, the warm tan and burgundy hues in the rug work well with the wall color,the stripes on the dining room chairs, and the warm wood tones.

Option 2:


Option 2 incorporates the warm tan and burgundy tones currently found in Lesley and Drew’s space. In this option,we opted for a solid, neutral rug. The focal point of this design are the pops of red we brought into the space with the red, paisley pillows for the sofa.

Option 3:


Option 3 incorporates the existing rug and brings more cool colors into the design. Drawing off of the hunter, burgundy and tan in the rug we opted for a combination of tan (1) and paisley (3) patterned pillows for the sofa. The blue-green pillow (2) will accessorize the side leather chair. This will continue the cool blue throughout the space, tying it together.

All three of the design concepts incorporate a variety of natural textures. Bamboo blinds, wicker and natural woods are the base of the design.

Drew loves maps. To incorporate his love of maps into the space I would love to see Lesley and Drew create a gallery wall of maps behind the sofa (layout shown in design board above). This will be a creative way to fill the space above the sofa and incorporate Drew’s passion into the room.

What do you think? We would love to hear your opinion. I can’t wait to hear which option they decide!

If you’re interested in an E-design, check out my interior design services or if you have a design dilemma that you would like answered on Ask The Designer, email at

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