About Me

To sum it up…

I am a freelance graphic designer with a love of interior design, designing blogs, making things beautiful on a budget, renovating,  traveling, cooking, being outside and my 2 crazy pups, Jackson and Gracie.

The long version…

My story begins at age 13 when I decided to become an interior designer. I got it honestly, side-by-side with my dad as he constantly renovated old houses. After his day job, his passion to restore and renovate took over. This passion combined with the fact that my mom is a Realtor meant that we moved alot, as they both love older homes. When we weren’t restoring our home of the moment, we’d drive around for hours just to talk about local architecture and perhaps stumble upon the next old house that needed our touch.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from The University of Charleston, I began designing interiors for model homes, high-end residences, and vacation homes. My enthusiasm grew and I continued learning at the hand of a classical teacher who taught me pure design carries over into everything, whether a house, a painting…or a blog.

Passionate about these creative pursuits, I started The Mustard Ceiling blog in January, 2010.   Here I began to share my interior design projects, sharing through photos, words, fonts, links, and a global community of new friends.

And then I fell in love all over again-with blogging.  The design part, that is.

When I’m not working  on new DIY projects around the house, you’ll find me at my computer designing blogs.  For more information on my blog and website designs come visit me at TMC Designs

PS.I love comments and questions, feel free to contact me.  Thanks for stopping by!