Time to Reflect and Refresh…


Image via Ambit Women

I apologize for the radio silence on the blog.  I believe this is the longest I have gone without posting since I started The Mustard Ceiling in January 2011.

I received a text from a blogging friend last week asking if everything was ok, she was concerned.  Today, I wanted to drop in to let you know everything is fine.  I have had a few personal things come up over the past couple of weeks (all positive), but adjustments all the same.  I will be back to blogging once things settled down.

Happy Humpday!

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  1. says

    I thought I was just so busy—it was me missing your posts.
    I haven’t been able to blog with any regularity since summer hit~it has been so crazy.
    Hope EVERYthing is well and we hear great things from you soon!

  2. says

    Thanks for checking in…glad to hear all is OK. That is one of the wonderful things about blogging…you can take some time off whenever you need or want to. Have a fabulous fall day!

  3. says

    Missing you girl! Had to come and check in. Hope all is well and yes, that’s the great thing about blogging, you can take a break whenever. We’ll all be here waiting for you!! Waiting for our dose of fabulous! Big hugs friend!!