Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!? Grosgrain detail on Upholstery

BAM! for Contrast in the Kitchen

A few weeks ago, while searching for trim, I ran across a Trim book by Duralee, on the front cover was a chair beautifully upholstered in a tan fabric with a purple tape detail sewn onto it, creating a pattern.  Immediately it caught my attention and I stored the idea away for future design ideas.

Last week, while flipping through the December/January 2013 issue of House Beautiful, I stumbled across an interior designed by Kevin Isbell.  Immediately, I fell in love with the detail and design of the home.  One treatment, in the master bedroom, really caught my attention…the sofa.  It was a beautiful cream sofa with an added grosgrain ribbon detail.

I have only seen this design idea twice, and have one photo, but I thought it would be a perfect topic of discussion for BAM or SLAM.  I am interested to hear your thoughts on the look…

Are you a fan?


Image via House Beautiful, design by Kevin Isbell


Have you seen this look before?

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  1. says

    for me personally it is a slam because it’s much preppier than my style, BUT i do love it and appreciate it in other people’s spaces and designs. just not for me. :)

  2. Fran Baker says

    Bam! I have used this trip idea in the past on Pottery Barn tablecloths and used them then as draperies!

  3. says

    I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this design before–at first blush I thought–hmmm. : )
    But studying your example further, I don’t think it would stand the test of time for moi.
    –Maybe I’d use a modified twist of it though! Does that make me a Slam or Bam–?!?

  4. says

    I LOVE it! BAM!!!! Really creates visual interest and dresses up a bland item. I have never seen that before. Can’t imagine doing it myself though – I’d have to hire someone to make it that straight….. Very cool.