Stripes: 10 Ways to Add Graphic Punch to Your Space

I love stripes!  All stripes…thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, sometimes even diagonal stripes can work well in a space.  They are a terrific way to add a graphic element to your space.  They can be bold, creating a strong focal point or they can sing softly in the background.  No matter how you decide to use them, in my opinion they are incredibly versatile.

Today, I am sharing 10 Ways to Add a Graphic Punch to Your Space using Stripes…

10. Accessories

9. Pillows

We all know pillows are an easy way to try out new design concepts because they are so easy to change out. Adding striped pillows to a sofa or chair is no exception.


Striped art is another great way to add interest without committing fully to stripes. Plus, without a lot of effort it can be an inexpensive DIY way to add a focal point to your room.

7. Furniture

6. Window Treatments

5. Doors

Freshen up flat panel doors by painting bold horizontal stripes. This is another easy DIY that will really add a unique twist to flat panel doors.

4. Upholstery

3. The Floor

2. Ceiling

Who can resist the unexpected touch of bold stripes painted on the ceiling!?

1. Walls

Finally, my favorite way to add stripes…the walls. I never grow tired of walking into a room covered in stripes.

Images via thekitchn, weheartit, cocokelley, coastalliving, lonnymag, flickr, headedsomewhere, designshuffle, emilyaclark, architecturaldigest

Have you used stripes in your home? If so, where?

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  1. says

    Awesome roundup of ideas! I love each one, but I must say that kitchen in the first photo is my favorite. Now that I think about it, I don’t use stripes around our house as much as I’d like. We have a striped throw in the living room and I’ve made a striped slipcover for the ottoman in the office. I dream about painting stripes on the bathroom walls and finding the perfect grey and white stripe fabric for kitchen curtains. Pretty sure I could quickly overdo it… :)

    Hope you are well!

  2. Paula says

    Thanks for exploring the many, many possible uses of stripes. I love them too but don’t seem to use them enough. You’ve inspired me to think some more about that. Really great post, Elizabeth!!!