Happy Weekend!


I was looking through photos last night and came across this photo I took of Gracie on our hike last weekend.  I love it!  I feel it expresses the excitement I am feeling for the start of the weekend, it has been crazy busy around here.

I spent most of this week working on my local design project, finalizing selections.  The contractors and painter have wrapped up, and the carpet was installed this week.  I finally took the time to take some progress pictures (I will share them Monday).  I also wrapped up a couple WordPress blog designs, I will be migrating one from Blogger early next week.

This week my name was legally changed back to my maiden name!  I have been pestering my attorney for 6 months to make the change and it finally happened just in time to renew my drivers license.

All in all a good productive week here.  How was your week?  What are you looking forward to the most this weekend? Stay safe and warm if you’re in the areas where the blizzard is supposed to hit.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. says

    What a great photo! Gracie looks so happy! Makes me mis the snow but instead I’ll just have to go to another Mardi Gras parade- oh well. Hahaha Happy Friday!

  2. says

    That photo is adorable! Haha. She looks so so happy! Planning on heading out to the beach in just a minute–that pretty much expresses my excitement and my pups as well! Have a great weekend!

  3. susan katherine logan says

    Great picture! Gracie is adorable! How funny that my name will be changed back to my maiden name this coming Monday! Cheers to positive name changes!