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It has been one of those weeks!  You know the one, where nothing seems to start off right.  I drove home  yesterday morning, after a nice weekend away, for design meetings and accidentally left my laptop charger in Fayetteville.  After I realized I was home with no charger and low battery power on my laptop, I drove 45 minutes, one way, to the nearest Best Buy to buy a second charger (I thought if I had an extra one I wouldn’t run into this problem again), got home to find Best Buy had sold me the wrong charger for my laptop.  Today, I am driving back to Fayetteville to fetch the original charger.

My computer is running on reserve, I will post BAM or SLAM tomorrow morning.  I hope you are having a much more productive start to your week than I am.

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  1. says

    Jeez I hate those days! Makes you want to tear your hair out- at least I do. I’m having the same trouble with the charger for my camera- not included in box- trips around town to replace it- no go- call to manufacturer- wrong charger sent, etc. Ughhhh! Just carry on.

  2. Cathy says

    When you said you were having a bad week….my first thought was – OH NO! It’s only Tuesday! I hope the rest of the week goes much better.

  3. says

    Geez… those days are so frustrating! Here’s hoping the week turns around :)
    My husband ran into work this morning and forgot his laptop at home… luckily I was able to drive it in for him, but he felt pretty silly this morning.