Sometimes White Is Just Right…

Hi y’all.  I hope you had an amazing weekend.  I apologize for the silence around here last week.  I was knocked flat with a horrible cold/ flu (I’m not sure what it was), but I was sick!  I’m feeling much better now, thank you for the kind birthday wishes and get well soon messages.

Today, I wanted to share a little tip with you.  As many of you know I am working on an interior design project in Charleston right now (I have yet to take updated photos).  We are getting close to the move in date!  The contractors are finishing up this week and the painter is going to finish within the next couple of weeks.  We are rushing around like crazy tying up loose ends.

A few weeks ago the painter put a fresh coat of paint in the living room.  The room is a long, narrow room with a wall of windows on the left and built-in bookshelves with a fireplace and mantel located at the end of the room.  Originally, we decided to paint the bookshelves, mantel and woodwork all the wall color, we wanted to blend it in.  Matching the wood work to the room color creates a sleek, contemporary feel to the space.  It also creates a cohesive, restful place where your eye can move without distraction.  I have always really liked this look.

Unfortunately, we are painting the room again, the first color was not right.  This time, I thought it would be best to brighten the woodwork with a fresh coat of semi-gloss Dover white.  Wow!  What a difference!  The white trim really made the architectural details pop.  It also immediately widened and brightened the room.  It truly made all of the difference in the world.  It took a room that was dark and long and turned it into a much larger and brighter feeling space.

Over the past few years I have leaned more and more towards blending trim in, but today I’m suggesting you treat every space you are designing as unique.  Not one rule of thumb will work across the board.  In our case, slick semi-gloss trim was exactly what the room needed…

Sometimes White is Right…

Images via stylecarrot, beckwithininteriors, southernliving, theinspiredroom

Do you paint your trim white, blend it in by painting it the wall color or decide on a case by case basis?

My rule of thumb is to take it on a case by case basis. If you have a feature/architectural details you would like to highlight within a space, paint it white (or a contrasting color) to make it stand out as a feature in the room. If your woodwork/ moldings are nothing special, blend them in.  Blending it in will help hide the flaws.

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    I could go either way – I think you are right, every house and case is different, and it depends on what you want the focal point to be. We have pathetic trim in our house and try to not call too much attention to it! Your project sounds fantastic – please share after photos!

  2. says

    Hi Liz!
    We have two places: a small architecturally uninteresting condo, in which I have painted everything the same mocha color (why highlight 1970′s thin trim?) and of course, a pleasant house, with 14 foot ceilings and trim as thick as a man’s thigh. Now that has been painted all in high gloss white against soft taupe walls. Very different and chosen on an individual basis. Case by case is my motto.
    Glad your feeling better!

  3. says

    Bright white trim is always a favorite of mine. I do understand that some rooms would benefit from the same color overall. Each one is individual, right? :)

    Glad you’re feeling better! So many sick people around here, I’m inclined not to be out and about much.


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    I’ve got a project coming up that we might do something different with the trim, but lots of decisions still need to be made. This is an interesting perspective on this design decision though and I appreciate you doing a post on it because trim does matter as we all know.

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    Things are great suggestions! Recently I have found that I also tend to go with a case-by-case basis. We use bright white trim on the majority of our new home……And I have to say I do absolutely love it. Can’t wait to see how your project turns out.

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    I had never done trim and walls the same color, until you suggested I do that with all that molding in my Mom Cave — and it was PERFECT for that space! You opened my eyes to another possibility and now I have it on my radar as a great option if the contrasting look doesn’t work. Great post, Elizabeth!
    xo Heidi

  7. says

    I’m always a fan of creamy white trim. But we lived in a home with beautiful walnut tray ceilings and trim once. It was built in the 1900s and the woodwork was unbelievable. I’ve never painted trim the same colour as the walls, I think I just prefer for the millwork to stand out!