2012 Recap and Looking towards the Future

Happy 2013!  I hope you had a fabulous New Year’s holiday and that 2013 is starting off right for you.  I am off to a slow start this year.  I woke up New Year’s day feeling under the weather.  After a couple days of taking it easy, I am starting to gear up for 2013.

As I am finishing up my goals for 2013, I thought I would stop to take a moment to recap 2012.  The end of 2012 was bittersweet.  It was more than an ending to a year, it marked the end of a long four years in an unfamiliar place.  It was full of growth, sadness, frustration and at times happiness .


  • I made a New Year’s Resolution to learn photography, I continued to work toward this goal throughout the year and will continue to grow through 2013.



  • February 10-21, was spent cruising through the Western Mediterranean.  My favorite excursion was an ATV ride through the jungle in Cozumel
  • While I was cruising I had a lovely group of ladies on The Mustard Ceiling to participate in my series The Inside Scoop



  • In early March, we finished our kitchen renovation and found out the Airforce was transferring Alfred to Rapid City, SD
  • I also took my photography to the next level by watching the Shoot Fly Shoot videos.  By the end of the day, I was shooting in manual for the first time, I  have not put my camera in automatic mode since March 7th.
  • I also took new photos of our house for the last time (in manual mode).  I uploaded them to the Before and Afters page, updating it to it’s current state



  •  In April I began sharing a few photography tips I had learned over the past few months
  • On April 27th, we officially put our house on the market



  •  Our hard work paid off on May 3rd when our house went under contract 6 days after it was put on the market.  We sold it to a sweet newlywed military couple
  • Mom and dad flew out to visit Clovis for Mother’s Day.  They came out to help me sell the house.  Since we sold it before they got there, we took a trip to Santa Fe



  • I celebrated the one year anniversary of TMC Designs.  My first blog design client was Aubrey of All Things Bright and Beautiful in June, 2010
  • I posted the last DIY project of our Clovis house
  • We closed on our house June 15th.  We continued to rent from the new owners until the end of August



  •  I flew back to West Virginia for a two-week visit with my family.  We spent the first weekend at The Greenbrier Classic
  • I flew back to Clovis to BIG changes.  I came home and found divorce papers, Alfred wanted a divorce


  • August 20th, my mom flew out to help me pack up the house and move back to WV (thank goodness for a loving family)
  • August 26, I walked out of the house that I had spent the last 3.5 years building a home for the last time and my divorce was final
  • Mom, Jack, Gracie and myself loaded up the car and headed east to WV
  • I had  group of amazing ladies guest blogging for me while I moved and settled into my new apartment



  • September marked the start of my new life, I…
  • signed a lease on my new apartment
  • re-designed my blog for a fresh start
  • started blogging again after a month off
  • started fixing up the new apartment and finally moved in September 20th
  • I also added a new weekly series: Tasty Thursdays




  • November flew by in a whirlwhind…
  • We went to Shepherdstown to visit my older brother at the beginning of the month, had a big family gathering the weekend of the 18th and then Thanksgiving came and went
  • I started mountain biking again, this was definitely one of the highlight’s of my month
  • I also got a new closet in my apartment (I still have to post the final photos)



  • December was so busy I barely had an opportunity to decorate my apartment for Christmas, but at the last minute I pulled out a few
  • We spent Christmas Eve at The Greenbrier, you can catch up those photos on Instagram
  • I rang in the New Year right this year by dancing the night away with family and friends in Fayetteville.  It was the best NYE I’ve had in a long time

With all that has happened throughout 2012, I am ready to start a new year!  Feeling under the weather the past couple of days I am getting a little slow start, but this week I am finishing up my goals for 2013.  I know a lot of people who start the year off with a word for the year.  I have never done this, but I am planning on participating this year.  My word of the year is GROW. 

This year I strive to grow in my business, my blog, my relationships and in my health.  The last four years have been very difficult.  I have shut a lot of people out of my life and let many of my passions slide because of poor decisions made when we moved to Clovis in 2009.  The person I was when I left Clovis was not a person that I recognized from my past.

Starting this blog in 2010 saved me.  Through the start of this blog I found passion again.  It and you, my readers, have helped me through a very sad and difficult time without ever knowing it.  You truly mean the world to me.  I want this blog to be a happy place, a place full of inspiration.  I feel this year is a time of growth for me.  It is a time to combine all that I have lost over the past few years with my new loves of blogging, graphic design, cooking and photography.  Everyday I am thankful for my family and friends, for my business and this blog.  I love being outside in the woods again more than you will ever imagine and do not take a moment of it for granted.

I will share more goals for 2013 with you once I have finalized some of them, but this year my number one goal is to GROW…

Do you take a moment to reflect on the past year and what you would like the new year to bring?  What is your word for 2013?

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  1. says

    So happy for you and all the growth that you’ve already experienced. Strength and wisdom are things learned. You’re going to be great and I can’t wait to keep following along in 2013! (And see more of that awesome apt!)

  2. says

    Elizabeth, what a heartfelt post. It had me in tears. I am inspired by your strength and determination. GROW is the perfect word for you!

  3. says

    I love You! It HAS been a wild ride for you in 2012 – and you’re right – when you said that you did not recognize the person you had become when you left Clovis, to some extent neither did I – but – I knew with a soft place to land – you’d find “YOU” again. And . . . .girl have you. Your dad and I enjoy watching you light up with “just the little things”. You’re going to do great, you’ve made so many new friends and life looks really good from what we see. I think its wonderful your blog and blogging friends you’ve made did help you through a difficult time. You have found your passion with your blog, website design, interior design, & photography. and . . . New Year’s Eve was fun, wasn’t it?

    Go Get ‘Em!!!!!

    Love, Mom

  4. says

    I love your word. And what a year you have had. So glad to hear that you are finding happiness and passions again! I love coming to this little corner of yours in the web world. And to some degree–your blog and others got me through a VERY difficult time too. It is amazing what a little love, encouragement and beauty can do to our soul. Thank you for giving me that when I needed it. Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for you! Many blessings Elizabeth!
    And my word for 2013 is Present–I want to really be PRESENT at what I am doing….No autopilot. :)

  5. says

    Beautiful post Elizabeth. What a year…..but with pain comes growth and how nice to see your beautiful smile again! I hope 2013 is an amazing year for you.

  6. says

    I sure appreciate everything you’ve been through this year and know that God has big plans for you. Here’s to you and all that 2013 has in store for you. What a wonderful post!

    Blessings to you,

  7. Paula says

    The word I think of and want to live by this year is REFLECTION. With reflection comes growth. This wonderfully refective piece of yours is a great example. Reflection is so much cheaper than therapy, right??? :)). Hope to see more of you this year, Elizabeth.

  8. says

    Hi Elizabeth ~ just think how thrilled I was to find your blog; although I’ve only been following it for a month it hasn’t dissapointed nor will it! You were always so very talented even as a young intern and now I get to see all of your other talents as well! I”m pleased to know that you are back in Charlie West but I’m sorry for WHAT brought you back. Stay strong and true to yourself and you’ll go far!
    Let’s get together for lunch sometime, my treat!
    Dawn Wells