Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!? Upside Down Christmas Trees


Nope, I’m not talking about how feel writing this post after dinner last night. Last week’s design topic was do you prefer your trees fat and full or tall and skinny.  Most of you prefer the fat and full trees.  I used to, but over the years my preference has changed.  I now love the thin wispy trees, I think their simplicity is so beautiful.  Here is a sneak peak of my tree this year…fresh from the forest.

Most definitely it is a Charlie Brown style Christmas tree.  Have you ever cut your own tree?  I have heard to watch out, they appear to grow once you get them inside…well, I am a believer.  I picked a tiny one, but I got it into my apartment and am wondering where it will fit, it looked so much smaller in the woods.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will work.

This week, I had a request topic from Annette at One Perfect Room.  She emailed me last week and asked if I would get your opinion on UPSIDE DOWN CHRISTMAS TREES.

Are you a fan?

When I first realized I could not fit a large tree in my apartment this year my mom actually suggested hanging one upside down over my dining table. I laughed off the suggestion. I had no idea this was a new holiday trend. I almost found as many images on pinterest for upside down trees as I did for tall and skinny trees.


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  1. Paula says

    Years ago when I visited the home I now live in (maybe 30 years ago) the delightfully older woman who lived there did an upside down tree of sorts. Instead of a whole tree, she hung a very large pine bough from the ceiling and decorated it. Very clever and interesting. I liked the idea then and still do today.

  2. says

    nope…not a fan…maybe I like tradition too much, but in a tiny apartment I would prefer to go for a tiny tree…tabletop tree, seedling in a bucket…just not upside down, but that’s just me.

  3. says

    SLAM! Its just so unnatural and like others have already said-I just dont get the point. But I do wonder if they stay fresher hanging upside down? kinda like when you hang flowers upside down to preserve them?? i dunno……its just weird .

  4. Pam Gamwell says

    Slam for me too, EXCEPT…a friend of mine hung a small one in an entry way. Add a medallion, lots of white light and it looks like a very inventive Christmas chandelier. It was definitely a BAM…. But never as a substitute for the real thing, upright w/ lots of presents underneath.

  5. says

    I would like to be different and say this is a total Bam in my book….but that would land me in the looney bin because this is clearly *BONKERS*…seriously, only people in insane asylums want to do this with their tree (c; ha! Honestly, how does one even pull that off???

  6. says

    Yeah, this is a SLAM for me — they just don’t do anything for me! Can’t wait to see your little “Charlie Brown” tree, Elizabeth! I was up at the lake this weekend and spotted one in a shop — so charming!
    xo Heidi

  7. Stephanie says

    I don’t really like upsidedown trees, but I have seen some that are beautifully decorated. I saw Genevieve Gorder had a great idea on a recent Rachel Ray show. She said she often trims the branches off the back side of a natural tree so she can put the tree close to the wall. You couldn’t even tell. It looked great. Then you can use the branches in other decorations throughout your space :)

  8. says

    Oh maaaan—so it’s just me and Paula who like them, huh?
    Com’on ladies—can’t you find the HUMOR in them?!?
    Anyone I’ve ever known who’s done it, it’s been with total humor for how crazy the holidays are, and usually in tandem WITH their traditional tree!
    Considering the season has become so commercial and stressful—I think we NEED to find a little humor to keep sane! I say BAM, over and over!!!

  9. says

    It is much easier to see the beautiful ornaments… they don’t hit other branches instead of hanging nicely. But still. Definitely a SLAM. Looks too bizarre. Forced creativity. No real reason to hang it upside down so it just seems forced and weird.

  10. says

    I love how fun and creative it is! I like that this idea exists but I don’t want to do it in my own house. So I don’t know what I am….Bam AND Slam I guess!!

  11. ella says

    This one swings both ways for me. If I had the option of a nice full tree right side up, that would be my first choice. However we’re (6 strong) in a 1400 sq ft home with a serious lack of floor space for such a plush tree. We’ve been here over a decade now & seriously didn’t put up a tree a couple of those years…just too much work to figure out where to put it & how to get around it. I know sounds bad, I’ve resorted to table trees at times. While they have the traditional flavor of full size trees, I have to say their miniature scale just doesn’t do the holiday worthy in the main living space. Even tried cutting down a tree (lopping off the back 2/3′s of it) to fit it into a tight corner. Last year in an effort to keep lil hands out of reach of the tree, we decided to try hanging our tree upside down & loved it! Can’t say it would work for everyone, but in our home with 9′ ceilings on the main level it is the perfect solution! We can have a full size tree & room for gifts under it.