Tell Me Tuesday….BAM or SLAM!? Holiday Edition

BAM! for Stacked fireplaces last week.

As we move closer to the holidays my attention is focused on holiday decor. Yesterday, Gracie, my 3 year old Golden and I hiked out into the woods to find our Christmas tree. We picked out a cute little wispy white pine (picts. later this week). It started me thinking about this week’s BAM or SLAM topic…

Christmas Trees, do you prefer FAT AND FULL 


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  1. Paula says

    I always thought of,fat and full as my favorite, but the pics you posted of the thin and wispy are so appealing to me – really artistic to my way of thinking.

  2. says

    For years I have been saying to my family, that I really wanted a thin and wispy tree (not quite in those words)
    actually I think I said, “one that’s found in the woods and not perfect”and has lots of space between the branches. My vote is thin and wispy. Anyone for a hike in the woods?

  3. says

    I have always gone with the Fat & Full style so that is a BAM! for me. However, I have always loved the look of a beautiful Noble Fir tree with its symetrical and somewhat sparse branches too! I have so many ornaments collected through the years, I would need several wispy and sparse trees to hang them all!

  4. says

    Fat & full – they look good no matter what. The sparse ones you posted look awesome, but they are harder to pull off. They need to be in the right setting, with the right ornaments. I saw a sparse one recently in an everyday living room with the typical hodgepodge of family ornaments, and it looked like the saddest tree ever!!

  5. says

    Honestly, I like them both. Most people go for the fat and full, but the wispy ones remind me of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and that just tugs a little on my heart strings :)

  6. says

    I really like both–BUT–
    When I can’t find the perfect Noble Fir that I CAN AFFORD,
    I get the other, and prune it to open it up! I want to see my ornaments
    throughout the tree, not just hanging from the “outside” of the branches.
    Bam for—hmmmm, which category DOES that put me in–??

  7. 17 Perth says

    Fat and full without a doubt!! I love getting the biggest tree possible. Haha. And my sweet husband just smiles and says okay-/knowing he will definitely have to “trim the tree”.

  8. says

    Darn, this is a GOOD one, Elizabeth! Your thin and wispy images look so very natural — I wouldn’t have thought I’d like them AT ALL. I’m still a Fat and Full gal, but think there’s a place for the thin and wispy, too. :)
    Yay for decorating!
    xo Heidi

  9. says

    I like them both – it really depends on the climate – which part of the country/world – and the space. We had an artificial tree which my dad picked up in Singapore for us to use in India – it lasted many, many years – it started full and green and over the years became sparse and silver. At the moment I have a full tree and so I will choose that.

  10. says

    I’ve seen them both done well. I think it depends on the home, climate, family, etc. I prefer mine tall and skinny- it needs to spire up the stairwell lighting two floors!