Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!? Hunter Green

Definitely a BIG OL’ BAM for Tufted Furniture last week! Only one reader voted SLAM.

Browsing through blogs this week and reading recaps from High Point, I keep seeing visions of hunter green popping up in my reader.

I remember when it was popular in the 90′s, I was certainly a fan.  I have not thought about the color for years, but I must admit, I am really being drawn to it again lately.  How do you feel?

Hunter Green, Are you a fan?


Images via Architectural Digest, Elements of Style, Elle Decor, Decor Pad, Elements of Style, Maria Killam


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  1. Ella says

    I have to agree that it’s a classic & very traditional hue. Most had a really all or nothing approach with this color back in the 90′s. If used wisely & as part of a sophisticated palette, it’s a BAM for me.

  2. Lisak says

    This color looks more like evergreen than hunter green, to me. It has more black in it than hunter green, which just screams ’90′s to me. Not a fan of hunter green, but I like this evergreen green.

  3. says

    Must admit, I do like a good dark, foresty green :) It seems very classic and somewhat British to me, maybe because of the ‘British Racing Green’ similarities. Definitely a BAM for me!

  4. says

    Slam. I don’t know, it’s just too hunting lodge, let’s kill a moose and mount it on a wall and scare children type vibe. That’s not really my thing.

    • Wendy says

      Totally agree. We just bought a small cabin and FINALLY eradicated all traces of that depressing hunter green. Too lodge -y for my taste. But I do like those drapes with the Greek key trim…maybe in small doses I could learn to like it?

  5. Stacey says

    For me personally, it’s a Slam. I like kelly green and moss green, but not a fan of the dark hunter green.

  6. says

    I think any color can be used in a fresh new way, depending on the color pairings. With dusty rose and wedgewood blue? Blech – 80s. With red and navy blue – total 90s. But I like hunter green today with white and black and natural, warm elements like a sisal rug.

  7. says

    After living with hunter green carpet throughout the eighties and nineties I never thought I would choose it again but during my recent remodel I added a hunter green velvet bench to the foot of my bed and love the luxurious look and feel….just no more wall to wall carpet please!

  8. Jerri C. says

    SLAM! I am not ready for the Hunter Green to rear it’s head alongside gold & red just yet. I will say that a lot of the photos you featured had a more sophisticated, richer feeling than the faithful color for a lodge, hunter green.

  9. says

    Well. . .hmmmm. I l i k e it–in a Ralph Lauren-way, but it’s not a color I nAturally gravitate to.
    But your examples are fab–esPECIALLY that door, so I say BAM!

  10. says

    You’ve got some smart readers! As for me, as long as it’s not wall to wall carpeting, I can give it a mild BAM. I like it in small doses. I like all of the pictures above except for the kitchen. But I’m actually more drawn to Kelly Green lately. Also in smaller doses, a featured piece of furniture, etc.

  11. says

    I am so over this color! I had it for so many years about 10 years ago…so it’s a slam for me even though these pictures look great!

  12. LynnR says

    Yep, I gotta say SLAM. I still have memories of the Kelly green that was so popular in the early 90′s, which I loved, but got really sick of. Front door, yes. inside, no.

  13. says

    SLAM for me… I’m a fan of green, but shades other than hunter. Thank goodness we’ve broadened our decor palettes since the 90′s overload of hunter green and burgundy!
    xo Heidi

  14. Jayni says

    Well, I missed last week (I had a good reason!), but I have to give forest green the BIG SLAM! I felt so inundated by it in the 80′s and 90′s* that I am just not over being sick of it! In spite of that, I do admire the way it’s been used in that last room above–the one with the wainscoting and chair rail.

    *My husband of that era was CRAZY about it.