Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!?

BAM for last week’s topic, HUNTER GREEN!

Last week’s discussion was mixed.  Most of my readers are open to hunter green coming back into vogue in a fresh way, but a few of you were not very excited to see the color come back around.   To read the comments from last week, click here.

This week, let’s discuss…Contrast Welting

Are you a fan?

Images via Esquire, ISuwannee, Bryn Alexandra, Milk and Honey Home, Mrs Howard Personal Shopper, Cup of Te


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  1. In all the pictures above, yes! The fabrics have to work together in some way; some colour combos should never be seen aha
    Brittany recently posted..Sweater WeatherMy Profile

  2. A huge fan! It makes a piece look so custom – I love it!
    Lisa recently posted..Mangia Mondays:: Tried and True Side DishesMy Profile

  3. Slam for me. I think it looks a little dated.

  4. Bam! I love the contrast and it definitely gives a custom look.
    Stacey recently posted..Things That Matter: A Book ReviewMy Profile

  5. Yes! I love this look!


  6. BAM for sure!! It adds a little something and I love it!

    The NOW recently posted..Tuesday Shoesday: The Snakey SnakeMy Profile

  7. BAM! for me. It makes a piece of furniture, or pillow, look finished and I alway love contrast.
    Sharon recently posted..50th Post & NewsMy Profile

  8. I like it. Sometimes it’s exactly the right accent or punctuation!
    Catherine recently posted..the drum tableMy Profile

  9. Bam! I think it adds just that little bit of detail to a room!!
    Tiffany recently posted..How To… Magnetic Fabric Bulletin BoardMy Profile

  10. BAM! BAM! BAM! I think it’s a terrifically upscale addition, although I agree that the contrasting piping must be CAREFULLY chosen.

    By the way, that first room up there (NOT the kitchen) has me drooling!

  11. Most definitely! It’s been a trend for a while now, and it’s definitely not going anywhere. Market was a full of contrasting welts!! I love that it showcases another little detail not left untouched in a space!

    Donna @ A Designer’s Perspective recently posted..Tuft LoveMy Profile

  12. BAM. no question.
    Maury @ Life on Mars recently posted..Review: Frog Tape versus Scotch BlueMy Profile

  13. BAM! Not only do I love it but I’m president of the fan club! The best decision on the chairs I just finished was the contrast welting. Can’t wait to do it agian.
    Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door recently posted..lonny is good. real goodMy Profile

  14. You are SO GOOD at picking these, Elizabeth — really make me think about it!! This one’s a BAM for me! Fresh and fun. :)
    xo Heidi
    Heidi @ Decor & More recently posted..And the Winner Is… :-) My Profile

  15. A definite BAM! for me! I think it is the little details like this that add a big impact in a room design. Love the look!
    Laura@Elegant Nest recently posted..Glitter Pears & Pinecones…My Profile

  16. Carol Parrish says:

    Slam, dated looking.

  17. An opportunity to add another color to the mix and some visual interest??? Sign me up. EVERY TIME. (c; And I agree, you rock at picking the topics for these, every time one pops up, I’m like *headslap*, totally!!!
    Aubrey recently posted..Crystal ClearMy Profile

  18. The fun feel it gives a space is a bam, but I’m very practical and it will tie you down to certain colors that will prevent you from being able to easily change the feel of a space. For that it’s a slam. (or did I get the bam and slam confused?) You know what I mean!! M.
    mandi smitht recently posted..Neighborhood GiftsMy Profile

  19. Bam, I love the custom detail, but Mandi above makes a great point!
    Pam @ Simple Details recently posted..keeping my head above water…My Profile

  20. I have to go with a Bam….love it. Wish I had more of it. ;)

  21. Contrast welting gives furniture such a finished and designer look and really grounds it…keeps a solid light color piece from appearing to “float”. Not sure what is dated about highlighting the shape and outline of a piece of furniture and in a crisp and trendy color it is right on trend.
    Anne recently posted..Martin Pierce Hardware shares Pantone’s color of the year for 2013My Profile

  22. I know it is welting but I cant help but call it piping. And I love it. Love love it. I mean….BAM!

  23. BAM! Love, love, love it!

  24. Yes, Yes, and YES again! I freaking love the contrast! BAM, baby!
    Jessamie recently posted..Great MindsMy Profile

  25. Bam, bam, bam! love the contrast!!
    Lisa Mende recently posted..It’s Time for a Beautiful Switch – Adorne by LegrandMy Profile

  26. Bam bam bam!!!!! Love it!!!!

  27. Slam. I think it looks dated.

  28. A definite BAM! for me! Especially the black welting with a neutral or black and white fabric – love that!
    Kris {Driven By Décor} recently posted..Welcome to Driven by Décor’s New SponsorMy Profile

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