Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!?

BAM for last week’s topic, HUNTER GREEN!

Last week’s discussion was mixed.  Most of my readers are open to hunter green coming back into vogue in a fresh way, but a few of you were not very excited to see the color come back around.   To read the comments from last week, click here.

This week, let’s discuss…Contrast Welting

Are you a fan?

Images via Esquire, ISuwannee, Bryn Alexandra, Milk and Honey Home, Mrs Howard Personal Shopper, Cup of Te


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  1. Jayni says

    BAM! BAM! BAM! I think it’s a terrifically upscale addition, although I agree that the contrasting piping must be CAREFULLY chosen.

    By the way, that first room up there (NOT the kitchen) has me drooling!

  2. says

    An opportunity to add another color to the mix and some visual interest??? Sign me up. EVERY TIME. (c; And I agree, you rock at picking the topics for these, every time one pops up, I’m like *headslap*, totally!!!

  3. says

    The fun feel it gives a space is a bam, but I’m very practical and it will tie you down to certain colors that will prevent you from being able to easily change the feel of a space. For that it’s a slam. (or did I get the bam and slam confused?) You know what I mean!! M.

  4. says

    Contrast welting gives furniture such a finished and designer look and really grounds it…keeps a solid light color piece from appearing to “float”. Not sure what is dated about highlighting the shape and outline of a piece of furniture and in a crisp and trendy color it is right on trend.

  5. Sarah says

    I know it is welting but I cant help but call it piping. And I love it. Love love it. I mean….BAM!