DIY Wire Coffee Table


After I posted my progress photos Monday, I had several emails asking about my new coffee table.  Today, I wanted to share the story behind it and show a couple close ups.

Last week, at Homegoods (I am so happy to have a Homegoods close by again!)  I found two large wire frame baskets, immediately I knew I had to have one.  As I stood there mentally moving it around my apartment,  room to room it dawned on me…why not use it as a coffee table?  I need a coffee table, it must be small in scale, I already have a piece of glass about the right size.  I was not sure the basket would be sturdy enough, but it was worth a try.

I loaded it up dragged it inside, added a piece of glass and fell in love…The only problem, it was a little wobbly.  One wrong move by one of my dogs and the glass would tumble to the floor.  Adding weight to the bottom would add support to the table and I thought it would add interest to the piece to fill the inside.

Originally, I planned of filling it with white pumpkins for fall, but instead decided to use Blue Hubbard gourds from the Farmer’s Market.  Their unique color and shape was just what I was looking for to add a touch of the unexpected.  My little coffee table is now as sturdy as can be.  When it gets closer to winter, I will remove the gourds and add logs.  I am still trying to decide how to fill it in the spring and summer, but I love the idea that I have options to change it with the seasons, keeping it unique.

From a design perspective the coffee table works well in the space because:

1) it is small scale for my small living room

2) it is wireframe/glass so you can see through it.  Using see through furniture in small space is a great idea.  Visually it does not take up as much space as solid piece of furniture will, making the room appear larger.

Have you re-purposed anything recently?

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  1. rcwillman says

    this is incredible! hope my homegoods has one, think I’ll use it on my porch, love the idea of changing the inside with the season! i think it strikes a lovely chord in your room

  2. says

    Very cool and so unique…love it! Some ideas for summer fillers…large shells, river rocks and driftwood would look great and add some cool texture! Looking forward to seeing how your new table changes with the seasons!