Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!? White Interiors

Last week, Holly from West Pear Interiors stopped by to host BAM or SLAM for me while I was on vacation. Her topic, twin beds, started a wonderful discussion, click here to read the comments.

At the end of the day, they were a total BAM!

This week’s topic…ALL WHITE INTERIORS. Are they beautiful or boring?

 Images via House and Home, Roots Before Branches, Dabble Mag, Architectural Digest, Decorpad


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  1. says

    I will be honest here and give all white rooms a SLAM.

    I know many will disagree with this one but I just find and all white room to be inherently un-liveable. They are certainly beautiful in photos though.
    Imagine a golden retriever and two kids running around an all white family room. There would be handprints and blue gatorade spills and dog fur everywhere! Once I painted the staircase to our lower level family room white. It looked beautiful for a couple hours but I just found it too difficult to maintain.

  2. Paula says

    Frankly, I love these all white rooms. But they are so hard to do well. I wouldn’t trust myself to even try. So is that a slam or bam — BAM!

  3. says

    Of course, me being the love-everything-white freak that I am, I give this a big BAM! They are far from boring when you add different shades of white and lots of texture and natural elements. And white rooms are great for changing up with seasons as all you need to do is change up accessories. Love them!

  4. says

    This is a tough one! I love the look of all of them, especially the second photo with the natural brown tones mixed in, but I have to agree with the others. It seems to be very high maintenance, at least in a room with there is any type of fabric. I guess that only leaves the kitchen, so SLAM for me.

  5. Kristin says

    They look nice and crisp, especially with pops of color but it’s too unrealistic for a real life for me so I have to say slam.

  6. says

    I love “white room designs!” BAM!
    I DON’T love white walled-rooms, neutral decor as a default because folks are afraid of color.

  7. says

    A BAM because it is so darn difficult to pull off well. Also because I’m enjoying Celerie Kemble’s Black and White book and I’m in awe of the work that is shown throughout the book.

  8. says

    I say slam… I have never liked it because it looks to sterile, cold and boring. I need at least a little warmth and depth of color. I skip right by those pictures in the mags and online and I keep seeing these all white kitchens and I just don’t get why it’s supposedly all the rage. Looks too blah to me and lifeless.

  9. 17 Perth says

    A year ago I would have said boring—but I LOVE all white interiors now. Definitely a BAM from me.

  10. says

    BAM! if it’s done right. There’s something serene about it to me. And any tiny bit of color thrown in makes it pop so much.

  11. says

    BAM! This has mixed reviews with your commenters, but I love all white, especially when there’s a little natural wood. But I love the white living room with white painted floors and then it’s softened with the coca-cola crate and the lanterns on the table…I think it’s beautiful…but that’s just me.

  12. says

    Goodness it goes both ways with me. I’ve only seen pics of it done well & what I would think could be livable. I’m waiting to see it done well in real life. Keep telling myself one day when the kiddos are gone I’ll try it in one room & go from there. We’ll see.

  13. says

    Its a BAM for me. I love the idea of an all white or cream palette that I can add whatever I want to it-whenever I feel the “urge” to change things up! Keep it serene and cool with textures and neutrals or punch it up with pops of magenta & cobalt.

  14. says

    I can never remember what “bam” and “slam” represent, but is there an option for “intimidating”? The rooms are beautiful but I just can’t picture anyone actually living there with the coffee, strawberry, doggy, kids’ sandbox mess of real life.

  15. says

    Well, they are utterly gorgeous in photos. I have been in white/cream rooms a time or two, though, and it just feels unreal – not really a place for people. Where is the friendly dirt hiding carpeting? Can I walk in here barefoot from the outside? What if my pen drops out of my hand onto the sofa? etc. Plus, these rooms tend to feel hushed and heavenly. Again, too rarefied in real life for the kind of real people I know and want to be around, so SLAM. They are glossy mag eye candy for sure!