Happy Home Colors

Monday, I shared my results from a fun style quiz I found online.  My style quiz results included 6 “Happy Home Colors” Homegoods felt would work well with my style.

I admit, at first glance I thought…wow, these are way too bright.  Then, I started looking through my favorite rooms board on pinterest and sure enough they popped up time and time again…

Here is how I would use them in my home…

A Dab of Yellow

A Touch of Mustard

A Pinch of Orange

 …and A Dab of Rust

Images via House and Home, Southern Grace Tx, Southern Living, Decorpad, Country Living, Houzz, Haut Mamas Favs

Did you take the quiz? How would you use your Happy Home colors?

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  1. says

    I love your style. Isn’t Pinterest fun? You can find pics of anything kind of style there – I can’t believe how addicting it is.

  2. says

    I am absolutely in love with that orange table!!! I’m the kind of person who needs color in my life, and I love how these pictures do that with out over doing, it and not making it look like a preschool room.

  3. says

    I just took the quiz and it got my style pretty much head on, and the Happy Home Colors were not what are currently in my house but colors that I do ironically want to bring into my house. I will bring in my happy colors in through accessories and keep the furniture and walls neutral. Thanks for posting about this quiz, it was fun!

  4. says

    You’re right! When you look at the colours in perspective in the rooms they are amazing, yet they are not ones that I would have normally chosen on their own. I do love yellow and the kind of instant happiness it elicits. The yellow flowering branches and the orange vintage stools are my fave

    Happy weekend!