Easy DIY…Ombre Linens

Did you see July’s issue of House and Home magazine?  As I was flipping through I ran across an article by, for an awesome DIY project… Ombre duvet and pillow cases.  Immediately, I thought HOW COOL!

I know, I know I said I wasn’t doing anymore DIY’s until we move, but this one was so easy and fun I thought…why not!?

If you missed July’s issue of House and Home, I highly recommend it.  Actually, I recommend all of their issues, House and Home is my favorite magazine, I know you won’t be disappointed.

I originally thought I would try this project on our kitchen hand towels.  Then I thought maybe I would make new ombre pillow covers for our living room…but I didn’t feel like sewing.  In the end, I decided to try it on a set of linens for our master bedroom.  We are in dyer need of new sheets and I felt the purple would be the perfect match for the gray in our bedroom…

*What You Need*

  • Linens
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Rubbing Alchol
  • Spray Bottle
  • Clothes pins

1. Lay Your linens out flat (the sharpie will bleed, so lay them on something to protect the surface you’re working on)

2. Draw a Line Down the edge of your fabric with the black sharpie (don’t worry it doesn’t have to be straight)

Do this down the open side of your pillow cases and the top edge of your flat sheet.

3. Hang Your Sheet and Pillow Cases on a Clothes Line

4. Pour your rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and spray all along the Sharpie line of your linens.

The more you wet the the sharpie line, the more your sharpie will bleed, creating the ombre effect.  I really doused it.  I used 1.5 bottles of alcohol for one queen flat sheet and two pillow cases.

5. Let Them Dry. 

Leave them outside to dry for a few hours.  After they are completely dry, throw them in the dryer for 15 minutes, then wash them.

6. After they have been through the wash and have dried the second time, enjoy them!

Before I started this project, I tested several Sharpie colors (green, red, blue and black) on a white tea towel.  In my opinion, the black works the best.

All of the colors will bleed, but I prefer the indigo/purple color of the black.  The red, blue and green were very vibrant.  I have seen additional Sharpie colors, they may be fun to try too!

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help me out later this summer by guesting while we move!  I still have a few slots open,if you’re interested in being a guest on The Mustard Ceiling.  Click here for more information.





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  1. 17 Perth says

    What a simple but yet great project—I love the subtlety of it. However, it adds so much to the bedding–looks great.

  2. says

    I saw that article- but I like yours better! They came out beautifully, Elizabeth! A total WOW!
    xo Becca