Happy Weekend!

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I apologize for the late post this AM and the lack of post on Wednesday. Things have been a little crazy around here this week…and will be getting crazier over the next couple months.  Posts will be a little more sporadic over the next few weeks.

Today, I am in the process of setting up my 3rd new computer since mid-May.  Quite a few of you emailed me shortly after I posted this post about my decision to switch to a Mac from a PC asking me to update you on the process.  To update, I LOVE my Mac…even though I am on my third.

Let me explain…

The first one was a 13″ Macbook Pro, it was the perfect size and ran beautifully, but unfortunately was not powerful enough to run all of the large programs I use for designing and installing simultaneously .  I upgraded to the 15″ Macbook Pro and loved it even more than the 13″.  I was originally concerned I wouldn’t like the larger size, but in the end it wasn’t a problem, it was a powerhouse.

Two weeks after I exchanged the 13″ for the 15″ Apple came out with their latest model the Macbook Pro Retina Display.  The specs on this computer blew the old Macbook Pro out of the water and with a re-design to a thinner/lighter machine and fancy retina display, which basically makes viewing  all of your blogs even more beautiful, I knew I needed to upgrade again while I still had the opportunity.

After a 2-3 week backorder, it finally arrived Wednesday afternoon.  I started setting it up last night, and hope to finish today before starting a new rush design this weekend.

If you’re considering switching from a PC to a Mac, I highly recommend it.  Apple truly makes an amazing product.  I have been way more satisfied with my computer (or 3) over the past couple months than I ever was with my long line of PC’s.  I am usually not brand loyal, but I think I am a loyal follower from this point on.  I am sitting at the local coffee shop this AM typing this post.  The man beside me looked to his left, then looked to his right (at me), both of us were on Mac’s.  We struck up a conversation about them and he mentioned that he read an article about brands with an occult type following…#1 was Apple.

Once, I am settled into this one a little more (I am not planning on exchanging again) I will try to write another post on set-up and exactly all of the things I love about it….for those of you who are interested.

I did not intend on this post to be an endorsement for Apple.  I wanted to stop in and say that things may be a little more sporadic around here for awhile.

Silly me, I thought July was going to be a slow month, with no more DIY projects planned, I thought I would be going stir crazy until the move.  I signed up for a new photography class, starting tomorrow.  It is a class on Tabletop/Product Photography from Nicole’s classes.  I hope to share some of my new tips with you.  This will be the first time I have picked up my camera in sometime and I am hoping to learn a lot through the class.

In addition, to that class I signed up for Typography class from Nicole’s classes.  Now, in addition to the classes, I am going back to WV to visit my family from July 4-18th.  Alfred will be here holding down the fort while I’m gone.

To add to the craziness, I just scheduled another flight back to WV, early August, to work on paint colors for my client’s project I shared with you in January.  The contractor is finally underway and we are starting the project again.

When I get back from the second trip to WV, it will be time to start wrapping things up to move.  Again, I thank everyone who has volunteered to guest post for me while we move.  I think you all will really enjoy the guest posts lined up for August/September.

Thank you for being patient, just when you think things are slowing down, it seems everything moves forward at warp speed again.

How is your summer looking?  Crazy too?

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Design Crush: Melanie Turner

A couple of week’s ago, while I was searching for painted ceiling inspiration for BAM or SLAM, I stumbled across a new to me designer, Melanie Turner.  Have you seen her work!?

Well, if you are a reader of BAM or SLAM, I know you have seen at least one her stunning rooms…

Remember this one?

Since the day I stumbled upon her stunning portfolio, I have been back several times to gush over her designs.

Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite’s with you. I know you will appreciate her work as much as I do.

Melanie Turner is an Atlanta based Interior Designer. She started Melanie Turner Interiors in 2009 and has since been featured in magazines such as Veranda, Better Homes and Gardens and Atlanta Home’s magazine (to name a few).  In 2011, she was awarded the Southeastern Designer of the Year award.

Melanie prides herself in working with her client’s to reflect their personal style while designing in a classic, timeless manner. I am absolutely head over heels in love with her style. What do you think of it?

To view the rest of her portfolio, click here.

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Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!?

BAM! for Painted Ceilings!

This week’s topic request is from Joanne @ Homestyling 101.  She would like to know how you feel about treating your windows with a combination of natural woven shades and drapes.

This is a trend that I have seen everywhere, I even use this combination throughout our home.    How do you feel about pairing natural woven shades and drapes…

Are you a fan!?

Images via Cote de Texas, The Inspired Room, Habitually Chic, First Time Fancy, Decorpad


Are there any design trends you would like discussed on BAM or SLAM? I am always looking for new topics.

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