Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!?


BAM for Chevron!  Last week we had quite the discussion.

There were quite a few of you who felt it was overused around blogland and have grown tired of it.  However, the majority of you still love it!

This week, let’s add a little drama to design.   How do you feel about rich, black, glossy molding…are you a fan?

Images via House Beautiful, House and Home, William Waldron, decorpad, houzz, House Beautiful


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  1. says

    bam- i love the look! though i do not use black in my own decorating and i never would again (tried it once and it was just not me!) i love it in other spaces.

  2. says

    Yes, a big bam for me on black on the architectural details, but I prefer it on windows and doors as opposed to the crown in a few of the photos above. I LOVE it on windows.

  3. says

    I’m not sure about lots and lots of it (trim and stuff), but I love a black interior door. I plan on painting the inside of my front door black. So SLAM? BAM? Somewhere in between. How’s that for noncommittal?

  4. says

    i wouldn’t use it in my decor because it just isn’t my style, but I think it can look very elegant and chic.

  5. says

    Such a fan of bold black trim. This is one idea that I’m definitely saving for my future house (currently we rent).

  6. Elizabeth says

    BAM! Although, I’d rather use a deep charcoal/blue in a high gloss for doors & windows. I love high gloss in any color!

  7. says

    I actually have always liked this—in the right setting!
    Especially white mill work supporting BLACK DOORS!

  8. says

    SLAM. I’ll be the lone nay sayer on this one. I’m not a fan at all, too dark for my taste. I think it certain rooms it can look nice but overall this is a big no go for me.

  9. Lindley says

    Changed my ho-hum white French doors in dining room to black and it immediately made the room smarter, more interesting. Loved it so much we painted guest room shutters black – looks great with black slat-back bed. It’s the most dramatic change for so little effort.