Tell Me Tuesday…BAM or SLAM!?

A couple of weeks ago on BAM or SLAM we discussed the iconic Tolix chair.

It was a huge success…BAM for the Tolix Chair!

This room is in the new issue of House Beautiful, design by Christina Murphy.  It is sophisticated and bold, but what really draws my eye is the aubergine chevron pattern lining the bookshelves.  Chevron has been trending in blogland for what seems like forever.  What I want to know is, are you still a fan!?

Images via House Beautiful, merrimentevents, Apartment Therapy, Atlanta Homes Mag, House Beautiful


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  1. says

    i don’t LOVE it, but i will say bam. i recently used it on sawyer’s curtains and it is perfect for his room…. though i don’t have it anywhere else.

  2. says

    I browsed that spread for a while. I’ve been taking my magazines on short road trips to get my reading done in the car. I thought that home was full of great color, and I thought the addition of the zig zag detail to the back of those shelves really brought it to life (I think it was hand painted too if I remember correctly), but I’m going to have to slam the chevron. I’ve just had enough of it. I have a few hits of chevron in our home and I’m ready to switch it out.

  3. says

    I had a similar convo on my blog a few months ago and it seems most people are bored of it but I still really like the pattern.

    Chevron isn’t a new fad – its been used for thousands of years. So while I think it may wax and wane, I dont see it going completely out of style ever.

  4. says

    So funny you choose chevron! I just did a post about being SO completely over it. I think other people actually pull it off really well, but I just can’t see myself buying it…ever. SLAM!

  5. says

    It IS everywhere, which makes me not want to use it, but I have to say I love a bit of punch it adds to a room when used judiciously!

  6. says

    I;m afraid this one is a SLAM for me. Though I am in love with a good herringbone pattern.
    I guess I missed the Tolix chair post- but I super love those!
    xo Becca

  7. says

    I would say BAM! because I still like it when I see it done well. I have a couple of chevron pillows that I still like for the interest they add with their bold pattern…especially mixed in with other patterns and texture.

  8. says

    I have to say BAM! I love the boldness of it and what it adds to a room. I just did one of my Fabulous Friday Favorites on Chevron and was surprised to hear that a lot of my readers didn’t really know about it … not sure what that might say about my readers?!?

  9. says

    BAM!! Love it still. I wanted red and white chevron curtains for my son’s room but couldn’t find it anywhere. So, I just made them. Tied the whole room together and made it really fun.

  10. says

    This is an on the fence answer—
    I LOVE it in flooring–ie: hardwood especially!
    I’m just not a fan else where.

  11. Jeanine says

    Chevron is a bold enough pattern to catch your eye but not an interesting enough one to keep it. When used as part of a room’s flow of pattern & color it’s an asset but when used as a surprising focal point …it leaves a lot to be ..the eye feels lost….there is no where for it to travel too.. In the bookcase shot all that is needed is some aubergine pillows to guide the eye out of the bookcase and back into the room. They should hang some pictures on the chevron screen, use throw pillows on the piece in the eating area and add a touch more black in the room with the chevron rug…the print needs to be softened & balanced so it doesn’t look like it’s eating the entire room…. so I’m with TheNow – I say blam ;)

  12. says

    I have to echo some of the thoughts here…we are *SUPER* inundated with things like certain patterns here on the internet…Chaing Mai Dragon, Ikat, Chevron…but just because it’s around a LOT here, doesn’t mean it’s around the whole world! And also, there are *always* fresh and new WAYS to use a pattern, so I have no idea how you could count one out altogether! I {heart} my chevron…and pretty much every other pattern (c:

  13. Annette {One Perfect Room} says

    If done tastefully and given a timeless feel then I say bam!

  14. Nicole says

    Definitely BAM! I have to restrain myself from adding more than one chevron pattern into a space, I love it that much. It definitely commands attention and needs to be used with an eye for impact and restraint.