Happy Weekend Randomness and Photography Tips

Wow, today I have a lot of randomness to discuss.  First, since it’s “Photography Friday” I wanted to share a couple photography tips with you.

A couple weeks ago, in this post, I explained a little about exposure and defined the three elements that create an exposure…ISO, aperture and shutter speed.  This week, I planned to dive deeper into ISO, aperture and shutter speed and show you how to manually set them on your camera.  However, I quickly realized that it was something best left to the professionals.

Instead of me writing the tutorial I wanted to share a tutorial that I think does a top notch job showing you exactly how to set your ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Have you seen Kevin and Amanda’s A Quick Guide to Understanding your Digital DSLR?  It shows you exactly how to set your ISO, aperture and shutter speed on a Canon and Nikon.

I also found this visual diagram of the exposure triangle from Centsational Girl for the visual learners reading :).

Image via Centsational Girl

I hope the explanations I posted a couple weeks ago, the diagram above , and the tutorial from Kevin and Amanda help you start gain a little better understanding of your digital camera,  ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Yesterday, I tried to take photos of my Canon Rebel with my small point and shoot to show you exactly how to set your ISO, aperture and shutter speed…and believe it or not I couldn’t even work the point and shoot..ha.

I am so used to using my Canon now I have no idea how to focus my point and shoot.  My photos turned out terrible, which is why I decided to point you in the direction of the professionals this week.

Now for the randomness…

Yesterday, I received a few questions about my patio update.   Since I had several people ask I thought I would share the answers in a post.

The first question was from Maury at Life on Mars, ” Awesome! They look great. How do they feel? Are they super stuff? I just wonder because I used Krylon on my curtains and it was great, but I wasn’t sure how Rustoleum would do.

The spray painted fabric is not super stiff, but it is not soft either.  I have to say, our patio furniture cushions were in terrible condition to start.  The fabric was not super soft, they have spent many years in the elements, so I had nothing to lose by coating them with a can of spray paint.

The second question from Jordan at The 2 Seasons, “I know the cushions are for show but have you sat on them? If so is it ok with the spray paint and is it rubbing off? Just curious if it is worth doing for our patio cushions that we do use a lot.

I have not had any problems with the spray paint rubbing off.  I used Rustoleum Indoor/Outdoor spray paint which is supposed to hold up to the elements.  I researched it online before using it and in the long list of uses, outdoor fabric was one of them.  So far, it is not rubbing off and it is holding up to the elements.  I even hosed them down the other day without problems.

Finally, Sharon from The Nelson House Diaries asked, ” do they crack when sat on?

I have not had any problems with cracking either.  It has only been a week, but they have held up really well.

I don’t think I would recommend spraying your brand new outdoor cushions, but it definitely adds life to your tired, worn cushions that you need to make it through one more summer.

Finally…the MOST exciting news this week!

Our house in under contract!!

We still have a couple hurdles to make it through before it is SOLD (home inspection, and appraisal), but as of now we’re looking at an early June closing.  After that, the buyer’s have agreed to let Alfred and I rent it back from them until we move in August.

It has been a crazy past couple of days.  We officially put our house on the market For Sale By Owner a week ago.  We had not really started marketing yet.  My parent’s are flying into town on Sunday and they were going to help get us started with marketing.

Next week,  we had planned to market the house for sale by hosting a Broker’s Open House (where we invite local realtor’s to view the house and bring their clients.   We in turn pay them a 3% commission if they bring us a buyer) and open houses Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday, I received a call from a realtor asking to show it.  I rushed around and got the house ready to show, packed the dogs in the car and we waited…We had a call from the realtor that evening saying the couple wanted to look at it again so Alfred and I packed up the dogs and went on a short rode trip while the potential buyer’s viewed the house a second time.

Thursday, we got the call.  The realtor said we had an offer.  Long story short, after negotiating back and forth we got it under contract.  What I love most is that the buyer’s love older homes as much as I do and I feel our home will be in great hands and that they will truly appreciate it as much as we have.

My favorite part of the whole story…  “Mrs. Buyer” recently started reading my blog.  The realtor sat down to go over the offer with us and asked about our dining room chairs (our stenciled ikat chairs).

She then explained that as she and the potential buyer walked through the house the buyer was explaining how I did all of our DIY projects.  When they first pulled up to our home, the potential buyer did not know the realtor was showing her our house, but as soon as they walked in the door she recognized it from the blog!  I think it was just meant to be.

Please keep us in your thoughts as we continue to work towards closing and moving this summer, I think it is all starting to fall into place.

Wow, this is another long post.  I feel like they have been getting longer lately :).

Happy weekend!

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  1. says

    The exposure tringle is a little confusing or flat our wrong concerning “ISO”.

    If you increase the ISO rating in your camera, the camera will actually let in LESS light. Increasing the ISO increases the sensitivity or the sensor (or the film for that matter) so that less exposure is needed for a given brightness of a scene.

    Likewise, the brighter the scene you are photographing the lower the ISO should be. If you are in a brightly lit noonday scene you would not want to use ISO 3200, for example. If you are in a low light scene such as a dimly lit nightclub then ISO 3200 might be just the trick.

    • Eric W says

      I think the triangle is just to give you an idea of how changes in those three things affect an exposure. If you’re going to be nitpicky though, it’s incorrect to state that increasing your ISO lets in less light. Only shutter speed and aperture control the amount of light going to the sensor. ISO changes, as you mention, merely affect the sensitivity of the sensor (or film) to the light.

  2. says

    Wow…I firmly believe that some things are just meant to be and FATE plays a party in daily life! So glad to hear the house news…the selling process can be stressful and time consuming so its nice to have it done!
    Thanks for the photo tips…I am still using creative auto on my new Canon and ALWAYS edit in picasa before I post. Still so much to learn but having fun with my new camera and could never go back to point and shoot!

  3. says

    That is totally amazing about the house! I saw it on FB yesterday and I think I was grinning from ear to ear for you guys! So awesome! And that is crazy that she knew your house from your blog! Blogging makes the world a lot smaller, doesn’t it? (c:

  4. says

    Congratulations! So funny that she “knew” you before through your blog. Fate, I think. Very exciting for all. You put your heart into your house and somehow doesn’t it feel nice that you know something about the new owners? I’ve always left the houses we’ve sold cleaned to perfection and a bottle of champagne and two glasses in the refrigerator….and apple juice for the kids. I have always found it sort of fun to put the house on the market…is that crazy? I leave freshly baked cookies and bottled water too.

  5. says

    Woo hoo! There’s nothing better than selling a house quick. No doubt your hard work paid off in this situation. Way too funny, that she’s a reader! Love it! Praying for smooth sailing here on out, Elizabeth.

  6. Merilyn Reed says

    You sold your home so fast! Congratulations anyways, I am happy for you.

  7. says

    Congratulations!!! That’s such wonderful news and a great story too. I really hope that all of the things that we have done to our house will make it sell quickly when the time comes – what a great feeling to get the deal done quickly. Very excited for you guys!

  8. says

    This is AMAZING news and I know you are both SO excited!!! How wonderful that the buyer reads your blog and recognized your house! FATE! It was totally meant to be!

    Will keep you in my prayers for that closing in June!

    Love the patio cushions!

    Lou Cinda