Blog Down

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a terrific weekend.  I spent mine finishing up house projects.  We are getting really close to finishing them up. I love the way our house is coming together, I’ll post sopicture shoots when my computer is up and running again.

Isn’t it funny how your house always looks the best right before you move?  It’s always the little projects you put off until the end that really make the house shine :).

My computer is on the fritz right now, so no post today.

Friday morning was the dreaded day.  I woke up, turned it on, it started, but instead of booting, a start up repair started running and has been running non stop for 3 days and counting.  The computer won’t let me cancel or shut down, it says it’s trying to repair a problem.

Online I found a forum where someone said it took 3.5 days of running to repair the problem.    Until it stops I’m without a computer for blogging or designing.  I really hope it fixes itself soon, or at least shuts itself off so I can drive it to Lubbock to try and have it fixed…until then, I will be chipping away at my to do list.

Happy Monday.

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  1. says

    Ugh, computers stink. I swear if I look at a computer the wrong way, it’ll crash (which is why I haven’t gotten up the courage to try to move to wordpress).

    I bet your house looks amazing!