New Blog Designs

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re having a nice weekend.  I thought I’d pop in today to  share a few new designs I’ve been working on lately.


In addition to the custom designs, I am in the process of designing and building several pre-designed templates for Blogger and WordPress.

They will be for sale on my blog design website, TMC Designs and I hope to set-up an etsy shop soon selling the templates as well.  My goal is to have the pre-designed templates for sale by the end of May/beginning of June.

Catch a sneak peak of a couple designs I have been working on…

If you are interested in a fresh design for your blog, stop by TMC Designs for more information, or contact me through my contact form.

Have a nice weekend.

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My Week in 6…

Wow, I feel like it’s been awhile.  I am so happy to say my computer is fine.  After five days of it continuously running the Start-up repair I decided to call in the big guns, my older brother, who is a computer whiz (please do not ask why it took so long to call, I have no idea).

I called Chris and explained to him what my computer was doing…his advice.   “Elizabeth shut it down and try to turn it back on.”  I explained how I had read on the internet that if you shut if off while the start-up repair was running it could fry your hard drive.  At this point, he explained that the program was not doing it’s job if it was still running after five days… he pointed out that I really had nothing to lose.

We both thought my computer was a goner, but miraculously, I shut it off, turned it back on….and voila, everything went back to normal.  The whole time it was down I was sweating bullets.  While it was down,  I thought about all of the things I forgot to back-up to my external hard-drive (which is the sole reason I did not shut it off and turn it back on without prompting from my older brother).

Anyway, I lucked out and the first thing I did when I logged back in was set-up an automatic back-up of everything I need.  If you don’t back-up your files, please learn from my almost melt down, please back-up before it’s too late.  I certainly learned my lesson (thankfully not the hard way).

With my computer down for five days I certainly made a lot of progress around the house, and I’m happy to say our house is officially FOR SALE!

6 Projects I finished up this week…

1) Hubby planted some new shrubs in the front yard, and I freshened up the mulch in all of the flower beds.

2) I spruced up our back patio and brought our patio furniture cushions back to life with a little DIY…I’ll share that later next week.

3) I finished the roman shade over our sink (I still have one more to make).  The first one will NOT be a tutorial…it was a disaster in the making.

Originally, it was going to be a functioning shade, but I messed up and ended up making it fixed…I love it anyway!  I used a combination of tutorials to piece it together, the main two being 33 Shades of Green and Fly Through Our Window, plus a little creativity on my part.

4) After reorganizing the laundry room, I took some new photos with my new found photography knowledge, they are much better than the original.  I’ll be changing them out on Our Home page…someday.

5) Finally, I am so excited to say OUR FAMILY ROOM IS FINALLY COMPLETE.  After 3 years in this house we finally have a rug in the family room.  I always felt like it was missing something, but it was one of those projects we just kept putting off.  It is so much cozier now.

6) The first project I tackled on my 5 days of house project madness…was to paint the shed in our backyard.  It is not pretty, but before it was an eye sore.

In addition to the projects above, I spent my time away organizing closets, hemming drapes, painting the exterior doors and frames.  I think maybe my computer meltdown was God’s way of telling me to get in gear and get the house ready for sale…haha, it worked.

I hope you all had a terrific week.  Hopefully things will be back to normal around here next week.

Happy weekend!

I’d also like to thank Rhoda from Southern Hospitality for featuring our home on her blog today!  Head on over and say hi.


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