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Who said trim had to be white, or contrast with it’s surroundings?

Contrasting trim can break up a space, distracting your eye from the architectural details of the room.

Why not create a seamless look by painting the trim, walls and even the ceiling the same color?  It will create a cohesive, restful place where your eye can move freely without distraction.

Images via mydesignmuse, atlantahomesmag,bhg,housebeautiful, houzz

Painting  trim is also a great way to camouflage small, non-descript trim.

My parent’s renovated a small apartment in Charleston a little over a year ago. The apartment was a mess when my dad started.

The trim throughout the apartment was nothing special, definitely not a feature to “show off.” Instead of highlighting it by painting it a glossy white (which is my dad’s rule to thumb), I talked him into blending it in by painting it the same color as the walls.  It makes the apartment feel cohesive and cozy.  My parent’s and I love the end result!

What color do you paint your trim?

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  1. While I adore a great bright white border, I agree with you on situations where the trim is nothing to write home about. I have great crown in my bedroom, but really don’t like the baseboards or door trim, so I’m going to paint everything out…the whole shebang. Love it in glamorous, dark and brooding rooms.

  2. I default to white trim in most cases, however when the trim is small or poor quality and cannot be replaced, or is framing a view you don’t necessarily want framed, I like to paint it out to the wall colour. Your examples are stunning! Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday!

  3. Well mine was originall all off white like the walls. Now the walls are a really soft beige and the trim is still off white. Interesting post. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love all of these inspiration photos! I am guilty of always painting my trim white, but recently went bold and painted my powder room trim black. I’m loving it!

  5. Love it! Sometimes understated is definitely the way to go. Your parents house looks great!

  6. I haven’t thought about painting trim the same color as my walls but do actually like the idea. I typically like to paint ceilings the same color as walls to not breakup the same and add volume (my ceilings are only 8 ft). I think I will try the idea in a bedroom but only in a room I choose to paint a somewhat neutral color.

    Thanks for the idea!
    PS. Love your blog. You are actually one of the reasons I went to school to learn more about web design. When you hit the ground, you ran…..

  7. I did a post on this a while ago and I’m still loving the look of the trim and walls painted the same color, especially for the darker colors!

  8. What a great idea! I love how it gives the room a more seamless look, especially in the second picture. I don’t think our trim has been painted in quite some time (we rent) and it’s a strange beige-y off-white color.

  9. I’m going to be painting my lr dr and kitchen soon. Since its an open floor plan I ‘m going to use the same color through out with one accent wall. Since its a very small house I plan to keep the trim color the same as the wall. I figured the less visual breaks the better plus I really love the look. I first saw this done in Martha Stewart Living. Her daughter Alexis painted her apt. this way. I get odd looks from people when I tell them this is what I want lol. I love the way your room looks.

  10. We’re white trimmers…but we just have baseboard trim we don’t have any crown or anything. I’ve got such an urge to paint but I’m going to hold off until the spring.

  11. YES!! You suggested I paint the trim in my Mom Cave the same color as the wall and I L-O-V-E it! The room feels bigger and cleaner and just simpler somehow. Great post for the masses, Elizabeth! :)

  12. Typically I am a “paint it white” gal when it comes to trim. But depending on the room, I LOVE painting it all the same color. It looks like your parents were wise to take your advice!

  13. Right now, all of our trim is Behr Swiss Coffee and I love it. But I’m super excited about the trim in what will be our new bedroom and bath. We’re painting all the trim (and built-ins) dark gray (BM Dragon’s Breath) and the walls will be light. Can’t wait!

  14. See, generally, I’m a contrast kind of gal…I love nothing more than to see some color with a gorgeous white trim…but in this case it turned out so lovely and elegant! I love how it just blends and gives it more of visual interest with the shapes instead of the color…brilliant. (c:

  15. Mine (when I finally get around to putting in the new skirting) will be gloss white, but that’s because I have grey walls and wanted a nice bright contrast for the windows and skirting. Plus I will have skirting that is worth drawing attention to! That said, I really love these rooms – it is a common technique in contemporary houses but it is nice to see it in traditional homes as well.


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