Summer Fun Series: Tiffany from Savor Home


Today, I would like to welcome Tiffany from Savor Home! If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out her fabulous blog…do so (after her post)…she has the most beautiful design inspiration.

Take it away Tiffany…

Hi there! I am Tiffany of Savor Home. I am so excited to be here on Elizabeth’s beautiful blog. Doesn’t she have the best DIY projects and a great eye for design??

Well, the summer is almost over and I can honestly say that this summer has been one of the best ones I have ever had. My main goals for the summer were to learn new things and have more fun! Just that simple. I certainly achieved my goals and here’s how…

I started the summer off by attending a digital photography class. I bought a new digital SLR camera and had no clue how to use it or take decent photos! By the end of the class, I was amazed at all of the things I learned. Here are some recent pics that I have taken…

I also spent a LOT of time in the kitchen this summer. I just started cooking about five years ago and I adore it! It is relaxing to me and I genuinely love to feed other people. Here are some things I made and photographed…

I made some savory food as well, but can you tell I love sweets?? Click on the pics if you would like the recipe.

I also took a few trips this summer and had the BEST time! My first destination was Miami, FL. You can read more about my trip here. My favorite part of the trip was the beach. This was the view from my hotel room…

I think the beach is THE most relaxing place on earth. I heart them. Just give me a hat, a chair, iPod and a fabulous book and I’m a happy girl!

I also went to Cocoa Beach, FL with my family to witness the final shuttle launch…

This was my view of the launch. We were only three miles away from the launch pad (which was pretty close) and it was one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen. It was like the clouds had parted just for the shuttle. It was emotional, exciting and kinda loud! But I loved it… You know I couldn’t go to the launch without visiting the beach!

Sorry, another beach pic. That’s just how much I love it!

I hope your summer was just as wonderful! Thanks so much for having me Elizabeth and I hope you all have a great weekend! If you live on the east coast, please be safe!

Thanks again for stopping by Tiffany beautiful job on your photography, I love the pretty pink roses and all of your goodies look incredible too.

Happy weekend!

Now head on over and check out the rest of Tiffany’s blog, Savor Home!

Have a little extra cash?

I wish I did, Nate Berkus’ Chicago home is for sale….and it is gorgeous!


I love the warm neutral browns and blacks throughout with small pops of color and the masculine feel…but my favorite part of this home are the BATHROOMS.

I am so in love with the gray subway title, warm traditional mirror and glossy black doors.

* all images via

In this bathroom, I am crazy over the white subway tile tiled to the ceiling, and the gorgeous black tub and mahogany armoire. This bathroom is a gorgeous example of high contrast design.

I’m not sure how much he is selling it for, but I am pretty sure it is a little out of my budget :)…so I’ll keep dreaming.

Skirted Table Tutorial


I have been obsessing with skirted tables for awhile, but it took me a looong time to work up the courage to sew my own. I finally decided to tackle it right before I went out of town to WV, and because I rushed to get it finished and posted it at the last minute, I am just now posting the tutorial.There are so many great skirted table tutorials in blogland, many no sew versions, like this gorgeous ikat skirted table from Little Green Notebook or the fun teal and cream by Pawley’s Island Posh…

But I have had my eye on the tutorial by Bryn Alexandra since I started blogging in January.

In the end, i didn’t follow directions very long :)…so this is my version.

I wanted more of a “buffet” in my dining room, and this chinoiserie style table my parent’s gave me was a little short, so I propped the legs up higher and decided to skirt it.


I started by measuring the width, height and depth of all sides and the top of the table. I then added 1.5″ to each measurement (to account for the hem). Next, cut out your pieces.


I copied this great diagram off of Bryn’s blogto show you the pieces you should have after cutting.

Next, fold the 2 sides of each piece over 3/4″, pin and iron. Then repeat, only hem the bottom of each piece once (3/4″) and leave the top of the fabric unfolded (this is what you attach to the fabric for the top of your table).


Hem the two sides ( folded twice) and the bottom (folded once). Repeat with the front/back, two sides and the corner pieces.



To make the skirt appear tailored, I laid the top piece on the top of the table and marked a line along the edge of the table. I then folded the edge of the fabric over, to touch the line, ironed and hemmed.


Now lay the top piece of your fabric right side up and line the top edge (the raw edge) of your side piece (wrong side up) of fabric up with the edge of the table top piece of fabric. Pin, sew and repeat with the 3 other side pieces.


Now your basic table skirt is finished, all that is left is to attach the corner pieces. Unfortunately, at this point I was running behind and did not take pictures. I simply attached the corner pieces to the underside of the table skirt with hemming tape.

I also attached the green grosgrain ribbon with to the edge of each side with a piece of double sided hemming tape.

I hope this helps!
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