Summer Fun Series: Traci Zeller


Hey, y’all! It’s Traci all the way from North Carolina, and I am tickled to be posting at The Mustard Ceiling today. Elizabeth, thanks so much for including me on your super fun blog.

Ahhhhh, summer! What a fun series! I will admit that I was always the girl that cried on the last day of school … because I missed seeing my friends every day. Even as now as a mom, I got all sentimental on the last day of preschool – because so many of my boys’ friends are moving on to different schools next year. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

Well, all that said – I do love the summer … and here are the top six things I love the most. (Yes, I had planned to do five … but I couldn’t narrow it down!)

(1) Sundresses

Nothing says summer to me more than a great sundress! From running after my children (twins Henry and Charlie) to keeping up with clients, a sundress lets me tackle summer in style … and stay as cool as I can in the North Carolina heat. Plus, it’s easy! Throw on a dress and some wedges and I am good to go. My favorite dress this summer was this Milly number that I got for Blogfest and have worn nonstop ever since.

(2) Afternoons at the pool

I try to slow my work schedule down in the summer so that I can spend more time with my boys, and one of their very favorite activities is to hit the pool! This year they both braved the water slides for the very first time … and now you’ll find me waiting at the bottom of the slide All. Day. Long.
r slides for the very first time … and now you’ll find me waiting at the bottom of the slide All. Day.

My sweet husband Mike is waiting at the bottom in this photo, which was one of the very first times that Charlie went down the slide.

(3) Sweet tea

Let’s be clear – I like sweet tea all year long. But somehow, when it is really hot outside, nothing quenches my thirst like a big – and I mean, big – glass of sweet tea. And don’t try to hand me tea with Splenda or Sweet ‘n Low. It is just not the same!

(4) Camp Grammy

As much as I adore my boys, I also crave some concentrated “me time” – when I can do what I want when I want without being responsible for two little people. I am soooo lucky because my parents take my boys, usually every summer, for two weeks. It’s what I call “Camp Grammy,” although it’s really Camp Grammy and Pop-Pop. The boys swim, fish, and do arts and crafts – and don’t miss home one bit. I get to lunch with girlfriends, shop, and yes, work …. without feeling guilty that I’m leaving the boys with their sitter (whom they do adore) or my husband (who craves a break, too).

Here they are headed down to the lake with their bubble guns in hand. Those gifts from Grammy and Pop Pop were a huge hit.

(5) Celebrations

Summer is time to celebrate in our house. Henry and Charlie’s birthday is at the end of April, which usually means their party is in May. My husband and I have our birthdays in June, along with our nephew Brady (who is the same age as my boys). July is my niece Jillian’s birthday and Independence Day. August is my father-in-law’s birthday. Of course, we also like to have friends over for impromptu get-togethers – especially before it gets too terribly hot outside. Basically, summer is one nonstop party!

You can probably tell from the favor buckets for Henry and Charlie’s birthday party that I enjoy both the planning and the implementation!

(6) Flowers

Aren’t summer flowers fantastic? From tulips to peonies to hydrangeas, I love them all … and I love that you can easily pick them from the yard or buy a bunch at the neighborhood grocery store.

There you have it – the best parts of summer in the Zeller house! Elizabeth, I hope you are having a great summer … and thank you again for having me here!

Top photo from Nordstrom; bottom photo from Sophie Dahy Designs. All others by Traci.

Thank you Traci for stopping by today to share your summer!
Head on over and check out more of Traci’s fabulous blog here.

Have a terrific weekend! I’m having some summer fun of my own this weekend at
The Greenbrier Resort.

Have you heard of it?

This weekend is the Greenbrier Classic. The Greenbrier Classic is a PGA Golf Tournament hosted at The Greenbrier. I’m not much for golf, but I do love shopping around The Greenbrier and going to the great concerts…this year’s line-up Tim McGraw, Black Eyed Peas and Keith Urban!

I’ll be back next week with some pictures and more on The Greenbrier.

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Guest Post: Rachel from Just a Touch of Gray

Today I would like to welcome Rachel from Just a Touch of Gray! I found her through Emily A. Clark the day she featured both of our projects on Blog Stalking: Great Reader Projects.

That day, I was blown away by the way Rachel and her husband’s living room remodel turned out…drop dead gorgeous! The second time I stopped by Rachel was featuring the remodel of their master bathroom and from then on I was hooked.

I immediately emailed Rachel and asked her to stop by and share her blog with you, I’m so happy she said yes.

Take it away Rachel…

Hi all! I’m Rachel Gray from {Just a Touch of Gray} and I’m so excited to be here at The Mustard Ceiling! Just like Elizabeth, my hubs I purchased a brick ranch home. It was built in 1960 and we bought it from its original owners one year ago. Boy was it a fixer upper if I’ve ever seen one. It would be a major understatement saying it needed a little help. So, as my tag line reads, we’ve been dedicated to fix things up “one room at a time”

As soon as we could get our hands on those keys tools and paint brushes were a flyin’. We also had the hardwood floors refinished before moving in and replaced all the interior doors and trim. What a huge difference that made in itself! Then we decided to revamp the living room first. Our theory was that since it was the room we spend the most waking time in and the room we’d use when we had family and friends over it would be our first priority. This was the first time we furnished and decorated a room from scratch. And let me tell you… it was fun!

This is what we started with….
Very log cabin-esque, right? Yeah, not really what we were going for, but we saw the potential!
Here it is again after having the original red oak floors refinished…
And after a lot of love, this is what it looks like now…

It finally feels like us.

Then, it was on to the master bathroom. We wanted to make this bathroom remodel as cost effective as possible without giving up some of the features we knew we wanted. To keep costs down we covered the tile on the walls with beadboard {yep- right over the tile}, didn’t do any rearranging {i.e. keep the toilet where it is, etc}, and kept the original 1960 blue tile floors. But we didn’t compromise the fact that we were dying to get some marble into the house, and we didn’t forget we had our eye on an over-mount sink for awhile now.

So with those thoughts in mind, we started with this…
Lived with it for awhile like this…
And finally turned it into this…

And much to our delight our tiny little bathroom was featured in the Sept 2011 issue of Cottages and Bungalows magazine!!! The issue just hit stores last week – we were so excited!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing some of our before and afters! I have posted more detail and more pictures over on my blog {here}. Check out my house tour tab too for before pics of all our rooms.

Thanks for having me, Elizabeth!


Can you see WHY I am hooked on Just a Touch of Gray!?
Thanks again for stopping by today Rachel.

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