Tell Me Tuesday…Bam or Slam!

I hope you all had an amazing LONG weekend!

I really hope Blogger is cooperating today. I have had a few emails over the weekend, and into yesterday afternoon, that many of you were not able to post comments on the blog. I am sorry! I hope it is fixed. I have missed your comments!

We skipped last week’s BAM or SLAM to bring you this awesome giveaway from Radiance from Ruins. Today is the last day to enter, so don’t forget.

So two weeks ago, on BAM or SLAM we voted on Faux Taxidermy…


It was a total BLOWOUT!
This trend had 21 votes for BAM and only 7 SLAMS…

BAM it is!

This week Let’s talk about Brass, is it really back?

BAM(Like) or SLAM(Dislike)?


What do you think? Is brass back, BAM or SLAM?

Happy Memorial Day…and Cheers to the Start of Summer

Happy Memorial Day!

I would like to take a moment to thank all of those who have served and/or are serving to protect our country, especially my amazing husband!

Thank you for all that you do!

I hope you have all have had an incredible three day weekend so far!
Here is a little inspiration to wrap up your Memorial Day weekend and to start off your summer…

I also am excited to announce a new winner
for my May Giveaway!!

(I did not hear back from my original winner).

Congratulations Megan with Anchors Aweigh!!!

It’s time to start on your custom blog design!

Megan’s comment, “Oooh! custom blog design for me please!
If I win,
mine just needs some tweaking :)

One more Thing…

speaking of blog designs, I just uploaded some chic new pre-designed templates.
They are for sale for $15 and are ready to be installed on your blog!

Click on Design for a Live Preview





Enjoy Your Day Off!

Happy Friday!

Align Center


Happy Friday everyone!

I am taking a couple days off to recoup.
I woke up Thursday morning with a stomach virus and have been hanging out in bed.
See you Monday.

I hope you have a terrific weekend.

PS: Don’t forget to enter our pillow giveaway!

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