Guest Post: Jenny from Domestic Jenny

Today, I would like to welcome Jenny from Domestic Jenny! Recently, Jenny debuted her conversion from guest bedroom to dream dressing room on her blog. I am happy to welcome her to The Mustard Ceiling to give us some additional insight into her incredible transformation. Welcome, Jenny.

Hi TMC readers! I’m so excited to be visiting today, and to give you a little insider knowledge into the progression of my dressing room!

I’m been so flattered at all the great response I’ve gotten about my dressing room! It’s so nice to hear all the sweet comments, and have the opportunity to have it featured (and to get so do awesome guests posts!).

I’ll let you in on a little secret about my dressing room. It hasn’t always looked so fabulous! In fact my first attempt was just plain bad. Take a look for yourself!

When I first converted my guest room into a dressing room I had a strict $200 budget! Which meant no fancy closet system. This is also pre-paint era, when I was still to afraid to paint in a rental because I didn’t want to have to repaint when I left If I had to give one decor tip to renters it would definitely be to paint, it’s easy, cheap, reversible and makes a huge impact!

I lived with this uninspiring dressing room for a few months, then one day while at Ikea I found a ton of Stolmen parts for cheap, which started the dressing room revamp!

This is the first stage of the dressing room. While it was a vast improvement from the last dressing room, it still needed some finishing touches!

I was so inspired by all the closets being converted into offices in blogland I decided to sell my vanity and build one into the closet The biggest challenge with this was making sure I had enough lighting! I diyed 2 fluffy lights, using some bargain Ikea finds, ran the cords along the white baseboard in the room and avoided any crazy electrical changes!

The rest of the changes in the room were minor, it’s amazing what matching hangers can do to improve the look of a closet!

With the extra room I gained by moving the vanity I was able to add a dresser and a much larger mirror. (Another secret about the room, there is actually a pocket door that leads to a bathroom behind the mirror! I never use the bathroom so to gain more space I just found a mirror large enough to cover it completely!)
A few more finishing touches are still in the works. I’m planning to add a zebra hide, a large round ottoman, and a new fancy chair. Oh and the dresser is getting the boot, I realized I don’t actually need the storage and I’m all about more floor space so away it goes!

The whole redo including all the Stolemen pieces came to a grand total of $859. Not too shabby considering most of the cost was the closet system!

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for having me!

xxo, jenny

Thank you Jenny for stopping by today. You have done a beautiful job on your dressing room. If you haven’t seen Jenny’s blog be sure to stop over and say hello here.

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  1. Ashley says

    Jenny has made such a big transformation, it's amazing. Love, love, love all of her choices!

  2. The Now says

    eeeee! That closet is beautiful!!! I dream of the day when my closet will be that big/ organized!!!

    xoxo E&A

  3. jenna marie says

    woowza. I'm so impressed. I'm in a rental as well and debate painting my room pretty much anytime I look at the walls… I'm doing it! thnx for the inspiration. =)

  4. Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms says

    wow! What a fantastic space to start your day in – super jealous over here!!