Multi-Pocket Bulletin Board Tutorial

Happy Thursday, the weekend is almost here!

Today, I wanted to share a tutorial with you. As you know, I have been trying to get our cloffice organized and remodeled. The last piece to that puzzle is this multi-pocket bulletin board.

Originally, I decided to build it to help us with mail organization. Overall, it serves as a bulletin/inspiration board, has pockets to organize the mail, and pockets for pens and pencils…very multi-functional.

Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to hang it yet (I finished late last night), but I did want to go ahead and share the tutorial with you.


* 1/2″ thick Homasote Fiberboard, cut to size
* canvas, or other thick/sturdy material (enough to cover board and make pockets)
* ribbon
*fabric glue

Step 1: Prep

* Cut your board to size, my size 30 1/4″ x 42 1/2″ ( I used a golden ratio rectangle, which is why the size is odd) Don’t worry about the ratio, I learned it while studying classical design. I try to incorporate it into my work, but it will not affect the end result . My goal was to have a substantial enough size to fit multiple pockets and have room to hang inspirational photos at the top.

* Wrap the fabric around your board and tape into place.

* Place and mark the location and size of your pockets. I wanted two pockets to hold file folders. I laid the two folders on the board to get size and spacing. I also wanted another larger pocket and two smaller pockets (one with space for pens/pencils) . I used pieces of notebook paper to represent and play with sizes for the pockets. In my opinion, I like when the pockets line up in a straight line horizontally and vertically, it is more visually pleasing to the eye. Therefore, I made all of my pockets line up and have even spacing throughout.

Step 2: Prep Pockets

* Measure your pockets. Cut pocket fabric 1″ wider and and 2″ longer than desired pocket size. (My measurements were pocket size: 2 @ 14 3/4″ x 9 1/4″ fabric size: 2@ 15 3/4″ x 11 1/4″. pocket size: 2 @ 10 3/4″ x 4″ fabric size: 2 @ 11 3/4″ x 6″ and pocket size: 1 @ 10 3/4″ x 9 1/2″ fabric size: 1 @ 11 3/4″ x 11 1/2″).

* Double Hem the top. Fold top fabric over 1/2,” press. Fold over again 1 1/4,” press.

Repeat with all pockets.
1/2″ Fold
1 1/4″ Fold, marked with disappearing fabric marker to hem

* Topstich. Mark 1/8″ and 1″ from the top to stitch. I am a beginner, so I actually draw a line with a disappearing ink marker, to practice sewing straight lines.

* Remaining Edges. Fold the remaining three edges over 1/4,” pin, and press.

Step 3: Assembly (I forgot to take pictures for these steps)

* Pin pockets to board cover. With right side of fabric facing up, pin to cover, where your pockets are marked.

* Stitch pockets to board cover, 1/8″ from outside edges. Stitch along one side, across the bottom, back up the other side and finish with backstitching at the end.

* Make pocket slots for pens, etc. Lay out the pens/pencils you want to store on top of the pocket. Mark spacing with a ruler and disappearing fabric marker. Start at the bottom of the pocket and stitch towards the top (making sure lines are perpendicular to bottom and parallel to top). Backstitch at the end. Repeat.

By this point, my canvas had a ton of marks with the disappearing ink pen, so I through it in the washing machine, dried and ironed.

Step 4: Attach to Homasote Board

* Line up your pockets. I opted for 1 1/2″ spacing between the edge of the board and the edge of the pockets on either side.

* Spray Homasote with spray adhesive. My canvas was not laying flat against the board, so I sprayed it with spray adhesive and smoothed it out before stapling it to the back.

* Staple fabric to the back of board.

* Add decorative ribbon to sides with fabric glue. This gives it a finished appearance.

Overall, it turned out great, and was pretty easy for a beginner. I love it because it is a terrific way to stay organized with the pockets and provides a nice bulletin board for inspirations. I can’t wait to hang it. I will post a final picture when it is in place.

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Fun Style Quiz.

Yesterday, Abby from A Delightful Design posted a fun style quiz from Ethan Allen. Basically, two images appear side by side on screen and you choose which image is “more your style.”

I took the quiz twice and both times the test concluded my style as LOFT. Ethan Allen describes loft as, “Energetic. Fashion-driven. Practical. Materials borrowed from industry, architecture, and nature. Clean shapes. Spontaneous and fresh.”
I would say this describes my style very well.

Here are a few of my favorite examples of “loft style ” from Ethan Allen.

Click here to take the quiz!
I would love to hear your results.

Thanks Abby for sharing!

I will have a tutorial tomorrow, I am trying to play catch up this week from being out of town.

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Fabulous K is holding a link party today to share your blog. Check it out.

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For the Love of Burlap…

I love burlap. It is such an incredibly versatile and inexpensive fabric to use when you need to pack a punch in your design. It is all natural and the texture is wonderful.

Look at some of these beautiful ways to incorporate burlap into your home:

What do you think of burlap? Have you used it for projects? If so, I would love to hear how you used it and how they turned out. I am looking to add a little burlap to my home soon.

PS: Don’t forget to sign up for my appreciation giveaway this week.

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