Celebrity Bedroom Eye Candy

Check out these celebrity bedrooms from elle decor. Some of them I LOVE! Others have me pondering….what were you thinking?!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
designed by: Erik Hughes

Jonathan Adler

Ralph Lauren
Montauk Getaway

Ellen Pompeo
designed by: Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Donatella Versace

Sex and the City- Candace Bushnell

Meg Ryan
Martha’s Vineyard

Cindy Crawford
designed by: Michael S. Smith

Jennifer Creel
designed by: Suzanne Coleman Bancroft

John Derian

Brian Atwood

Alexandra Wentworth
Washington D.C
designed by: Elizabeth Martin

Josie Natori
designed by: Calvin Tsao

Roberto Cavalli

* all images elle decor

Which one is your favorite?

Dogs and Design

Harvey, the jack russell

What happens when homeowners take their design too seriously?

I just read an article about a woman in England who fell in love with a jack russell terrier, rescued him and took him home. Happily ever after, right? No, two days later she returned him to the shelter. Her reason, he “clashed with her curtains.” Can you believe it!?

I have two dogs. Jackson, a 6.5 year old Lab/Great Pyrenees mix and Gracie a 1.5 year old Golden Retriever. They are part of the family. I could never imagine giving them up.

Jackson, camping in CA, 2005

Gracie, out for a walk, NM, 2010

pooped pups, 2009

Jack and Gracie certainly make my job as a designer/house keeper more difficult. They lay on the curtains, rub against the sofa, track in dirt from the yard. But… they also always greet me at the front door tail wagging with excitement in their eyes. Seeing their reaction when I pull the leashes out for a walk, priceless. Their enthusiasm makes me eager to to go too . Even the worst days are better with them around.

I’m not going to lie, it does drive me crazy that we live with a black microsuede sofa (my husband’s bachelor sofa) and blonde dogs. My solution, get rid of the sofa-not the dogs.

Dogs will always be there with a smile, or ready for a hug (even when it is you that needs one). They help highlight all of the simple pleasures in this life. In my opinion, you can’t beat them.

I feel sorry for the lady in England. She will never get to experience the joy that little Jack Russell could have brought to her life. Most of all I feel sorry for the Jack Russell, once again looking for a home. I hope he finds a happy one, one where drapes don’t matter.

How do you feel? Do you have any animals close to your heart? I would love to hear happy pet stories today.

Gracie, the day we brought her home, 8 weeks, 2009

Jackson, snowshoeing in CO, 2005

Alfred, Gracie and Jackson, on a walk NM, 2010

Elizabeth and Gracie snowshoeing in NM, 2010

Off to Find Greener Pastures

Happy Friday everyone!

I have been enamored with the color green this month. I don’t know what has gotten into me. I used to be a warm color girl, now all I can think about are cools-green in particular. Maybe I’m just itching for the green of the east-coast and spring.




Have a great weekend!

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